There are bad Christians.

from your website:

"You say we Christians think we are the elite ones, but the problem with that is Christianity is open to everyone. It is kind of like standing on two different sides of a ledge. The people on one side (the Christians) say, hey come over here with us, because your side is going to collapse, we know because the builder told us it was not safe. But all the people on the other side call us self righteous, or they say we think we are the elite. If we really were we would not say anything just wait until that side fell then pat ourselves on the back for being smarter than everyone else. Instead we try to tell people even though we know we will be looked down on and called names."

Okay. If that was all there is to it, I'd be fine with it. But it isn't. I oughta tell you up front that I'm not a foaming-at-the-mouth God-stomper; in fact I myself have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. But that filling of the well is all the good that the church did for me. The church which I formerly attended for an extended period of time (and other churches in my area, for that matter) pride themselves on knowing what's what. They do no accept questions nor do they allow for open minds. Young women were cautioned that any non-Christian young man's affections they received would send them straight to hell. Youth were encouraged to start riots in the classroom against the teachers for using books which contained information regarding evolution. They were instructed to hunt down fellow youth and not leave them alone until they had consented to attend a youth meeting. I know this because once I was accosted by a simpering girl who seemed sure, oh-so-sure that I was a pathetic individual in need of Jesus' love. Little did she know that I had committed myself to Him years ago and had rarely faltered in my quiet daily discussions with Him. I let on as much later and she did not believe me; perhaps because I did not fancy pestering and nagging as a type of witnessing. It is not that I want people to go to hell--no, it's that I believe in doing things God's way; not the pastor's/minister's/reverend's way. Perhaps I am not making myself clear. I am pro-choice, vehemently so; I put some stock in Darwin's theories and I do not believe that during the Holocaust 10 million people went to hell. I do not imagine that all those who partook in "free love" in the sixties went to hell, either, nor do I recoil in hate and loathing when someone of the Jewish or Muslim or Hindu faith enters the room.

I resent the flying spittle, the blatant t-shirts condemning me and the millions of people who agree with me about abortion to eternal damnation. I resent being told to rise up against those I love by a fat old man in a pink shirt and tie. I resent, fiercely, being told whom to love and laugh with and look at, for crying out loud. I love Jesus. Isn't that enough?

Not for some people. The church I formerly attended spurned blacks and Hispanics and Asians; if one wasn't a WMA one was a pariah no matter how much one loved God. I don't write this to trash them, or even as some veiled admittance to not witnessing much because I believe people have to Want to learn to do something before they learn it. I suppose I write this merely to show that there are such things as bad Christians. And there is such a thing as patience, and tolerance, and to have the two you have to believe that God WILL pull people to Him. But he'll pull the whole person, not just their resentful body. It's selfish to think one knows it all, especially about God of all things, and to deliver His judgement is not anyone's place on this earth.

My response is in Green:

Well I am not sure why you wrote me. You seem to dislike what you think Christians are, yet you claim to be one. The point I tried to make on my website is one that I personally believe. Does that mean that everyone who claims to be a Christian acts that way or believes that? No, but that is not the point. Our guide is to be God's word and that is where I put my faith, not in what other people do or don't do. I would agree with you that the church you described has a problem. Christians should not act that way, that is not how God wants us to act, however, you have gone off the other side of the road. Being a Christian is not about a bunch of rules that you have to follow, however, you do have to follow Christ. From what you described about yourself you do not fall into that category either.

Let me explain: (Matthew 16:24 NIV) Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."

(1 John 2:3-6 NIV) [3] We know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands. [4] The man who says, "I know him," but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him. [5] But if anyone obeys his word, God's love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: [6] Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.

(1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NIV) [19] Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; [20] you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

You may not like any of those passages because they all show that your attitude is wrong. You don't want to be told whom to talk to or how to live, but God's word does tell you those things. So your problem is not so much with pushy Christians as it is with God. You say you are pro-choice. Okay, but can you honestly say that you believe that is okay with God? How can you honor God with your body, when you advocate killing unborn children? How can you claim to be denying yourself and following Christ when you want a choice so that you can kill a unwanted child and sidestep the responsibility? How can you claim to know Christ if you are not willing to follow His commandments?

You can blame all those 'other Christians' all you want, but the only one who will be standing with you when you face God will be you. You won't have anyone else to point to or to blame, it will be, what did you believe and how did you act. I will answer for my actions and my belief and so will the people you described to me, but so will you. You better find out what God expects and forget what people expect or want, because they don't matter.

Let me just tell you that I don't recoil in hate over anyone who happens to come into the room, so if you think all Christians do you are sadly mistaken. You also said you don't believe that 10 million people went to hell during the holocaust. Okay, but let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you believe there were 10 million people killed? Do you believe that those people we are talking about were Jews? Now do you believe that those 10 million people had accepted Christ as their savior? Unless you fool me, I think you will say yes to the first two questions and no to the last one.

If that is true, then you must believe that those 10 million people (excluding kids who were not old enough to make a decision) went to hell. You know why? Because that is what being a Christian means. Jesus said: (John 14:6 NIV) Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

There you have it, either they got to heaven by having Jesus as their Lord and Savior or they did not make it. It does not matter whether they claimed to be Jews or Christians, what mattered was if they had been saved through Jesus Christ or not. If you don't believe that, then quit claiming you are a Christian because that is the gospel message. That is not a message of hate it is a message of love. God will accept anyone, no matter what religion or race or sex they are if they will come to Him, admit that they are sinners, believe that Jesus died for them and rose again and then ask for forgiveness.

It is the same with all of mankind, whether they took part in the free love 60's or not. Either they accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior while they were alive or they did not make it to heaven, period.

(Romans 5:8 NIV) But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

You should get out your Bible are find out who God is and what His word says. Then decide if you want to be His follower or not.



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