I hope you will die before you do any real harm!

Dear Ralph,

Can't help but criticize your work...and why....because people are reaching out in desperation because they have no alternative...and all you offer is s***. Jesus this....god that....for f*** sake...can't you keep it real. These people need guidance such as moving to a different locality where they ll find they might find comfort, learning new strategies to deal with their emotions....not this god sh** for f*** sake. And before you attempt to criticize me let me inform you that I am Environmental Planner who looks at issues such as these....psychological...and you should be referring them onto speciality services...not just give them your passionate christ hoohar. If you have any sort of decency and any real want for making a difference than you will investigate into psychology and use these new found skills to help people...rather than transform them to your liking.

If not...than i hope you will die before you do any real harm

Your replies really angered me

My response is in Green:

Wow, thanks for wishing that I die. I guess that just goes to show you need God in your life doesn't it? By the way I have looked at psychology and it doesn't have the answers, it is quackery pure and simple.

I will pray for you, your whole life and outlook would change if you found God. I hope you don't die before you find what life is really about and that is knowing your Creator.


The response back is in Blue:

You mong.... buy the psychic circle and enlighten yourself." Oh what is that" he says..... "a weegie board"...."no way will I touch that" ...well that's how I feel about your way of life. You are taught to think a certain way and that is all that you will live.. you are not open to suggestions and different thought processes hence you aren't in a position to give advise, especially on suicide.... again I say buy a psychic circle to give yourself a little more insight into our existence on this earth. Spose you believe in heaven and hell too! Well you will be ever so disappointed when you leave this earth. Everything on this earth is recycled..... I am inclined to believe that so are our souls.... it is what you do in this lifetime that will effect what you are given to work with in your next life and you are going the wrong way. You don't push your narrow minded views on people who are searching for help....Your website is the first that pops up under Suicide".... I'm trying to do my research and am hoping to pick up some great stuff.....but your ridiculous website flashes up.... maybe you should change that hey! Maybe title your page as "GOD S*** FOR THE UNEXPECTED DEPRESSED PERSON' or something like that cuz that is what it is

You make me sick

Have a great day

My response is in Green:

I hate to tell you this, but you have totally discredited yourself as any kind of researcher. See a true researcher isn't looking only for what agrees with them, but rather they are researching to see what the truth is, but you aren't doing that. You are blind and unwilling to even look.

You claim I am blind and only believe what I have been taught, but if you were really researching, then when you found my page and it disagreed with everything you believe you would have at least tried to find out why I believe what I do but you didn't. How do I know you didn't? Simple your own statement about me only believing what I was taught. If you have read who I am and what I have been through you would know that isn't true and you would have even found out why I believe what I do and why I have this website in the first place.

Yes I grew up in a Christian home, but guess what? I walked away from the faith for over 20 years and I have even contemplated suicide. I have also studied phsycology, because I was a Police Officer and I thought it would help me with my job. So don't tell me that I only believe what my parents taught me, or that I am closed minded and have never looked at anything else.

You may not believe in God but you know what, He is the reason my page is so high on the Google search, so if you have a problem with that take it up with Him. You need to get to know Him anyway. We all need to know God.

God loves us, but He is holy and can't stand sin. His holy and just nature demands punishment for all sin. Murder, rape, abuse, but not just them, also for lying, cheating, hatred, etc... The only punishment for those sins is to be separated from God, or in other words spiritual death, which is what being separated from Him is. We have all sinned and we all deserve to die spiritually.

Ezekiel 18:4 For every living soul belongs to me, the father as well as the son--both alike belong to me. The soul who sins is the one who will die.

We are not born pure and clean and then are ruined by our environment, we are all born with the tendency to do evil. It is in our hearts, passed down by our parents and their parents. You don't have to teach a child to be selfish, or to lie, or to cheat, it comes natural, what you have to teach them is not to do those things.

So that brings us to the point where we all deserve death (separation from God). He loves us but His holy and just nature can't over look our sins, payment has to be made for our sins. This again is why He allows evil to continue in this world, because if He were to stop it totally today, that means He would have to punish all those who have done evil and that includes all of us.

God can't just forgive and forget our sins, they must be paid for, but yet He loves us. That is the reason that Jesus Christ came to this earth as a human being. I can't pay for your sins and you can't pay for mine, because we both have our own to worry about. It took someone who was sinless to pay for our sins. There was no one sinless so God came to earth as a human, living a sinless life so that He could pay for our sins.

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

He died for us and He rose for us. See we were created as physical being. It is part of our triune nature. We will spend eternity in a physical body, which we will get after the resurrection on judgement day. Now if Jesus had just died and then gone to heaven as a spirit what would that mean to us? Northing, but since He was raised in a physical body it shows that God will also give us physical bodies. Then we will be able to spend eternity with Him enjoying all of creation the way it was suppose to be.

Jesus died for the sins you have committed. He also died for the sins all of us have committed. But those sins are only forgiven if we repent (admit we have sinned) and believe that Jesus did really die for us and then ask Him to forgive us.

Life is too short and whether you believe it or not eternity is way too long if you don't know God.


The response back is in Blue:

see it how you wish to see it.... but don't go preaching your s*** if you really want to help people who are suicidal.

eg. What if I was suicidal and looked at your sight and found that it was all about something I didn't want to know....and then clicked off thinking that I didn't have anybody who understood me and therefor there was no website to help me feel as though I belonged...and in turn....shot myself!~ Think about that....and no I didn't read all of your bible inserts.....the bible was created as a basis for civilisation and was considered to be the only book of it's kind containing and preaching a desired set of morals and ethics for people to live by....it wasn't meant to be taken as it has been. And Christian...of all faiths...no wonder you can't see past your religion.

And I am a bloody good researcher... I couldn't stand reading through the whole page because of the God S***"...I couldn't care less where you have come from or what you have gone through....I was disappointed in what I read.....if you have any deceny you will change the title of your site to "Christian religion" otherwise you will continue to throw people away who are suicidal and need desperate help. I wouldn't sleep well if I were you but I guess you just don't realise these things. I suppose you could be forgiven for that.

I can't believe you believe that s*** about Jesus. You obviously haven't studied science to the extent I have. You must be quite old

My response is in Green:

Yeah, that's right, I am really old. So old that there wasn't science when I grew up! You know the science that proves things like evolution. I have news for you, you need to do some research on that subject too, because there is zero proof for evolution and plenty of proof that it isn't true. Yeah, I know you won't believe that either, but that is up to you as you said.

Since my page would keep you up at night feeling guilty, I guess you are lucky you aren't me. You really should do some research about the Bible too, but I know you won't. You are what you claim I am, closed minded and believe what you have been taught all your life.

You show your bias by telling me you don't care where I have been or what I have been through. So the fact that I have been suicidal and found peace and the answer to those suicidal feelings means nothing to you, because I happen to believe something you don't. Yeah, tell me again you are a good researcher... I guess you are good at researching anything that totally agrees with your view point.

Well have fun researching, you will find a lot of sites out there that agree with you, so have fun. One day you will know the truth, I just pray that it isn't too late.


The response back is in Blue:

oh my goodness! You totally miss the mark don't you?

Oh poor you... you have been suicidal. Suicidal thoughts circling around in crushing waves isn't the nicest to experience. I'm happy for you that you have found something to pull you out of those distressing thoughts....but like I said....religion is not every souls cup of tea. How many times do I have to spell this out and in how many different ways?

Evolution..... I can't help but sigh and laugh at that comment. What...dya just think we were plonked on this earth? Even if you were to dig into the 1700's you will find big differences in the features we had back then compared to what we have now. Have you heard of taxonomy....if not...look it up and you might find that you cannot dismiss evolution. This is where you have shown how unneducated you really are unfortunately. Maybe the best place for you to start is Botany. Have a look at natural selection as well if you really are as you open minded as you think you are. Prove me wrong

And your page wouldn't keep me up feeling guilty if it was me running it.. and why...because I would be helping them feel comfortable with who they are...rather than make them think that there is something wrong with them because they don't share my beliefs or spirituality. I read one of those letters on your page and that is what shone out of it....a person who desperately needs help but who doesn't want to share your spirituality and instead of spelling this out to you they have unwillingly gone down the track of expressing it to you in an emotional way in the hopes for a letter from you to make them feel better about not being the same as you.....and it is obvious that they still wanted your help. Your response to them was what angered me enough to write to you.

It is easy for me to follow what i agree with....but it's fun searching for things that don't and learning why I don't share the same view...it is called learning. If I only went along searching for sights and opinions that I agreed with...then I wouldn't be in university...I would sit at home with my two children watching Oprah or something....maybe join a ball room dancing club or something....but no...I enjoy a challenge and I am doing my best to make this world a better place for my children's children and so fourth. Even if it's just changing a couple of policies here and there or having a few more of my articles published....yes that's right....published. To make a difference for the better is what I intend to do. Poverty is the first on my list. It is the cause of so much discrimination, feelings of unworthiness and disconnection with society......I'll get to religion later!

And since we are on the subject of our upbringing being put into play in adulthood. I'm the first person in my family who has done so well. Poor you hey...well my first paper was published because it contained a real life story of my teenage years in a concentrated housing commission area with bloody gang fights outside my front door and the awful scenes of children with FAS who copped abuse, starvation and were used as dealers for their parents. This story is relevent in Environmental planning for social planning was not taken into account when they developed these blocks of land for poor people. The stuff I have seen would scar you for life as it will do me.....I chose to do something about it instead of either being a drunken druggy like them or killing myself to rid the pain. If I didn't care, then I wouldn't be talking to you. So can you go climb back on your high horse and believe that this stupid biased princess doesn't know what she's talking about....

Again I say think about it. Really think about it. Don't just take a defensive stance and perhaps throw in what you will think is the last word in email format because it will only make you look silly....and we don't want that....we only want to help

My response is in Green:

This is getting us no where fast, so this will be my last response. You are free to believe anything you want, but you are the one who wrote me and told me you wished that I would die unless I was willing to change my views. Yet you call me closed minded. You call me closed minded although you are the one who said you couldn't even finish reading my page, because it made you sick. You call me closed minded although you are the one who told me you didn't care what experiences I have had or where I have been.

You seem to be upset that I would say you have a bias against my views and you seem upset because I told you that you are not a good researcher, yet every e-mail you send verifies what I said. You claim to have come to my pages because you were researching suicide, yet you could care less what my experiences with suicide are; that is why I said you are not a good researcher, that you only want to find facts that verify your feelings. That is up to you, but is still true and you keep verifying that in each new response. I said you have a bias and you deny it, yet you make light of what my experiences have been, because they don't conform to your views. Fine again, but at least be truthful to yourself about your biases.

You ridicule my views without knowing or even caring what those views or experiences are; hello, and you think I am the closed minded one? Come on, open your eyes. I am not trying to get you to change your views or to believe what I believe, but at least have the common decency to admit that you have a bias against my views.

You have also tried to talk down to me from the start. Let's take evolution and science for example, you claimed I must not know anything about science or that I am just very old and that implies that is why I am so stupid. Sounds like bias against a view different than your own, again!

It might surprise you to know what I have studied and what I have looked at, but then again, I am pretty sure you could care less, which is why our continued conversation is worthless for both of us. You did what almost all people do when they try to defend evolution, you mix two different things. When a person says evolution, they are speaking about Darwin's theory of evolution, you know the one that claims we all came from nothing billions of years ago. This is also called macro-evolution and there is no evidence for it.

What you used as your evidence is micro-evolution. Micro-evolution is true, it means that we change over time. You don't have to go back to the 1700's to see it. I am taller and stronger than my father and his generation; why? Well the simple fact is micro-evolution, we have better and more available food sources today than they did when he was a child, but you know what, I am still a human being and he is a human being, that is micro-evolution. Macro-evolution on the other hand is the changing of one species to another species, and that has never been observed and there is no proof of it.

Micro-evolution is the adaptations and changes within a species while macro-evolution is the addition of new traits or a transition to a new species. Micro-evolution is a fact that is plainly observable throughout nature. Macro-evolution is a theory that has never been observed in science.

If you truly are open minded and really want to know the truth then you should read Darwin's Black Box, The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, Author: Michael J. Behe. Behe is not a Christian and he is not even a creationist, he believes in evolution in fact, he just knows that the current theory of evolution is full of holes and can't possibly be true. He believes in evolution but one that we have no idea about because we haven't figured it out yet, but he is truthful enough to show scientifically that the present theory of evolution is impossible.

I guess you are right about botany, I must have missed the proof of that rose bush that evolved into an oak tree.

Well let me climb back on my high horse so that I can talk down to you some more. I am not trying to attack you, as you have me, I am not trying to change your views, I am just answering the e-mails you have sent me. I have tried very hard not to talk down to you, but rather to just honestly show you that you have a bias that you refuse to admit. You are unwilling to even entertain any other view point. Again that is your right, but you must remember you wrote and attacked me first, I didn't write you. You are the one who claimed I only believe what I have been taught all my life, but when I try to explain that isn't true your answer is that you could care less what my experiences have been. When I explain that I have had suicidal thoughts you make light of it by saying "Oh poor you..." So much for research!!

Feel free to answer this and have the last word, but I am finished, I don't need to continue a worthless conversation with someone who is closed minded and refuses to have an honest conversation, all the while claiming that it is me who is closed minded.

I am glad you got a book published, that is a great accomplishment.



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