I too have a "Bloodstripes" Testimony.

I was in the Corps from '84 - '87. I did boot camp at PI and then Infantry Training School at Camp Geiger, NC, then on to 8th & I. After that to 2/2 2nd Mar Div. The day I arrived at 2nd Mar. Div. I volunteered to go on a Med. Float the next morning. I was supposed to be assigned to 1/8 but they transferred me to 2/2. During the first month of the Med, I was a stereotypical Marine (i.e., drinking, fighting, swearing, etc.) My acting Plt. Sgt. came to me during a formation and said, "CPL Millstead, I've watched you for the first month and I think you should come to our Bible Study." I told him no way, I wasn't interested. The next few days he approached me again. He finally challenged me (something all Marines like) he told me to ask a certain friend of mine to go with me. I was now pestering the friend to go. We finally went. Praise God! I got saved that night. There were only three of us there. By the end of the med. there would be over 40 sailors and Marines. I was even blessed to be baptized in the Med. off the coast of Italy. OOH Rah! That was in 1986 and Praise the Lord, It keeps getting better and better. A lot more has happened but I wanted to keep this short.

Thanks for your testimony and your web site.

Semper Fi, to the King, then the Corps.

John Millstead

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