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Answered Prayer

Testimony of Scott and Melissa Hathaway

On February 12, 2003 our lives changed for good. My name is Scott Hathaway and I am married to Melissa. This is our brief testimony. I was born with two rare diseases. One is called RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), which means that I am legally blind and need a lot of light to see; the other is called Arnold Chiarii Malformation. To briefly explain Arnold Chiarii it is a malformation of the brain stem that can cause a cyst to form in the spinal column. This can cause headaches, numbness and back pain that will eventually get worse if untreated. In The past I had several surgeries to try and take care of this problem but none of them offered much relief. I was told of a doctor in NY that helped people in my situation. We had our first consultation in October of 2002 and I was told that my condition was not good, that I needed surgery within a few months and that if I didn't' get help quickly, I would find myself deteriorating fast. I left the meeting feeling terrible but hopeful because this doctor and his partner offered me hope of having no more pain. They told me they could fix me, make things better and that once the surgery was over I could live a normal life again. I was told I would be in the hospital for 7-10 days.

On February 12th 2003 I underwent surgery that lasted over 12 hours long and when I woke up 3 days later things were not as I was told they would be. To tell you everything would take a novel but in short over the months that followed I became a quadriplegic with a trache and a g-tube to feed me as I could no longer swallow or breathe on my own and I spent the following several months in and out of rehabs and hospitals where I had actually died and was brought back. During these months my wife was constantly with me. My parents and family members were there as much as they could possibly be. They endured their own suffering watching me deteriorate and I know they often felt hopeless because fixing me was something they couldn't do.

During these months my wife pleaded for God's mercy and she began to read her bible diligently. "Be still and know that I am God" took on a whole new meaning for both of us. I was forced to be still and she was forced to watch me suffer. It didn't take us long to realize that fixing me was beyond human hands and that if I was ever going to survive it was going to be by the power of God. I continued to deteriorate and as the months went by there seemed to be no hope of my survival.

Melissa - I couldn't stand to watch Scott suffer anymore and although I had been praying my heart out, Scott continued to get worse. Scott was also suffering from psychosis and although he knew when his mind was drifting we often thought it was due to medication. This was a scary time for Scott because not only was he suffering physically but emotionally he was suffering as well because nothing made sense anymore. Our children were without us for several months and life had turned upside down completely. The chaos that was around us daily was unbearable. We were struggling in ways we never had imagined possible and there seemed to hope of things getting better. Watching my husband suffer was the worst pain I ever endured in my life. I can only imagine what it was like for his parents to watch their son suffer or his sister and brothers to watch the fun guy they grew up with lying lifeless and wilting away. It was terrible. But the suffering had brought us both to levels in our faith that we never thought possible.

As I watched Scott suffer I went through many stages where I was angry with God. At times I would be so mad I'd insist God wasn't real and then other times I'd cry and beg for forgiveness and pray for his will. Several times I raised my fist in the air at him in a rage because he wouldn't fix things. Before Scott's Suffering I depended on myself to get things done. I told people I knew God, and I thought I did, but my actions proved differently. I never knew how to depend on God until I was forced to. I began to read my bible every second that I could. Many times I would read the bible to Scott and many Christian friends would visit with us, pray with us and listen to worship music with us. Although the pain we all endured was difficult we all began to see that when all else fails and nothing else can be done God is present. God wooed us back into his loving arms where we remembered our first love in ways we never imagined. After months of Scott's suffering I had decided to bring him home to be with his family. I knew that it would be a lot of work and I knew that he would most likely die but I prayed and felt it was the best thing to do. When Scott came home I was using a hoyer lift to transfer him, he was a complete quadriplegic, he had a trache and I often had to use a suction machine with a long tube to go down into his lungs to get out any fluids that would cause pneumonia, he had a G-Tube and a pump that dripped liquid protein into his stomach to keep him nourished, Scott was getting pain injections every 3 hours and several other medications to keep him alive. We had Oxygen, a mist machine and a cough assist machine that would breathe and cough for him as he often stopped breathing due to mucous plugs.

I prayed exhaustingly for God to grant us a miracle. 3 days after Scott came home I had prayed my heart out that God would please do something because I couldn't take watching him suffer anymore; shortly after my prayer all the power went out in our house and stayed out for a while. I remember telling Scott that if the power didn't go back on I was going to have to call 911 because I couldn't keep him alive without his equipment. I remember Scott's face being so sad because he had been away for so long and now that he was home he didn't want to leave. I got angry with God again because I asked God to help us and right after the prayer the power went out. If I only knew then that God was answering my prayers as well as the many thousands of other prayers that had went up for Scott. After a few days at Sturdy and many phone calls by Scott's parents Scott got admitted to Brigham & Woman's Hospital where we met who we consider to be the worlds greatest surgeon Dr. Marc Eichler. It was at Brigham & Woman's Hospital where we learned all of the things that had gone wrong in NY and the surgeon at Brigham & Woman's saw some things that one of the best hospitals in the world couldn't see. God opened the eyes of our surgeon and in short Scott left Brigham & Woman's with the ability to lift his arms and move his legs and the psychosis he had for months was now gone.

Scott's prognosis was very poor, he'd live, but the quality of his life was very questionable and testing showed that because of the damage done in NY Scott would never swallow properly but here is where we see God's miracle. God put in our path a Christian Speech Therapist who began to pray for Scott as well. The day after Scott failed the 'Swallow Test' she decided to give Scott a small amount of thick liquids for pleasure purposes and after several months of no food, Scott swallowed. Scott's first meal was a frosty at Wendy's and watching him eat not only made me cry tears of Joy it showed me that God is so merciful. God heard the prayers of everyone, he heard the pleadings for Scott's life and he forgave the many sins that hindered us from a full relationship with him.

Scott began to blow us all away with the miracles God has given him. Although he was told he'd never walk again, he walks into church every Sunday, and although he was told he'd never swallow again he's eating steak and enjoying cookouts with his family again. It's been a long road for Scott and although he lives with pain on a daily basis because of what happened in NY and he can only walk short distances or he will require his wheel chair he is a man that God has worked miracles through and God continues to perform miracles through Scott. We watch the miracles show up at church every week and since that terrible time of suffering we see lives being transformed (including our own). As I look back on my prayer Journal both Scott and I came upon prayer requests that we had asked of God and every single one of them was answered.

Although it was a difficult time, both Scott and I wouldn't change it for the world because without the suffering we'd never be able to know God as we do now. I couldn't possibly stress enough, how important it is to know God and to live for God. There is nothing more important in this world than having a personal relationship with God and knowing Jesus as your Lord and Savior. No matter what trials you may face God is in control and he will work out all things according to his plan, to his glory and for our good.

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Still don't think you need Jesus? Well take a look at what will await those who don't know Him personally. Click here.

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