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Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:31-32


Testimony of a young man with lots of experience in a short period of time.

All began about two years before my birth. I had a major problem than: my dad was sterile. But, he knew something, or someone: God. My mom too knew God, both of them were Christians. So, they prayed for my dad to be cured. Than there was a miracle, he was cured (Thank God!) So, he had 2 children, my brother and I. Later, when I was about 5 years old, I accepted Jesus into my life. My parents were always bringing me to church, so it was easy to see the truth about Jesus. At about 7 yrs old, I prophesied for the first time. At that age, I was full of God.

Much later, when I was 11, I left God (Don't ask me why, I don't know). Than, a miserable life was coming up... At first, everything was cool, I mean, I thought I was free at last from religion, what a relief I thought. I was wrong. My parents were still bringing me to church, although I didn't want to go. I started to think about killing myself, I don't know why, my parents were still loving, as before.

Much later, I was 13, I REALLY thought about killing myself, I planned everything, it was perfect. But, during the last year, I met many friends at my church that were about my age. So, because of them, I went to church more to see them. So, God spoke to me, you may say it's strange, but it is TRUE! So, He saved my life than...

Again later, still at 13, I turned to be Satanic, or Satan worship, I still don't know why. I was still going to church, but only for two reasons: meet my friends, and I didn't want my parents to know I was Satanic (they still don't know). So, I prayed to the Devil, Lucifer or Satan, call him the way you want to. He showed me his plan for my life...he wanted (and probably still wants) me to be a murderer, he turned my into a psychopath. I'm serious. So, I planned to kill a guy. I planned everything, it was perfect.

Again, God talked to me. This time, He didn't want me to leave Him. I remember, one night, I felt the spiritual war within me. It was powerful. After a couple of wars within me, I turned back to God, for the last time. Then, I was really saved. So God let me be alive, saved my life, saved me from being in jail, and saved my soul from being in Hell. I started to be as when I was a little child. I got baptized in the water, and the power of God now lives within me.

If you want more info, you can E-mail me at Cyclone <, or ICQ me, my ICQ # is: 3612945

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