Behind the Badge

Locking Gas Cap

One midnight shift I received a call regarding the report of someone stealing gasoline from the complainants' car. I arrived and listened as this man told me that he knew who it was because the 'trail' of spilled gas led to a parked, older model 'work' van about 200 feet away in this apartment complex parking lot. I asked if he saw the person take the gas... he had not... I asked if had ever thought of using a 'locking gas cap' and he explained that his neighbor had done just that, but a thief had destroyed the locking gas cap and the filler tube and, essentially the entire gas tank.

I suggest that he talk with the apartment complex about more lighting and then thought a moment... ultimately suggesting that he buy a locking gas cap... but not for his car... but instead for the van where the gas trail lead.

The complainant's eyes grew quite large as the 'idea' set in...and he thanked me very much.

The thought of the van owner ultimately needing gasoline...and finding his tank locked still brings a smile to my face.

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