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I'm a special constable in the UK. The Specials, believe it or not are all volunteers who give up what time they feel able to help out our regular officers.

One of my regular colleges made the front page of the local newspaper a few years ago. He was, and still is one of our force's self defense trainers and very fit. He and his partner ended up foot chasing a couple of teenagers (can't remember what for now) and they ended up trying to hide by climbing down into a ditch and into a concrete drain pipe.

The officers, not wishing to get wet decided to send in the dogs, which would have been great if there had been any there, but realising that two people hiding in a concrete pipe didn't have the capacity for great observation they improvised. One stood at one end of the pipe, the other at the other end and shouted the warning 'Come out or we'll send in the dog'. No movement, so this time one repeated the message whilst the other 'barked'.

Yep, you've guessed it, exit two wet, seriously hacked off, now arrested teenagers.

Steev Stamford
SC7624 Derbyshire Constabulary, B Div, Bakewell

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