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That Pit Bull is not on the loose anymore!

I was working the 0700x1500 shift and received a call of a pit bull running loose. I responded to a wooded area frequented by hikers and found a fairly large, but apparently friendly pitbull female running around the parking area happily wagging her tail. I requested the dog warden respond to the scene but he was unavailable. I had the door to my patrol vehicle open and sure enough the dog jumped right in and laid down on the back seat. I figured she'd be fine and I'd be able to take her over to the animal shelter without incident. I was driving a Chevy Caprice (without a cage) with single front seats and a center console for radio, lights and siren. As soon as I entered the highway, the dog decided she wanted to see where we were going. She began to climb into the front and proceed to step on the switch for my over heads and of course hit the siren switch.

Here I am, driving down the highway at 55mph, lights and siren with a pitbull standing on the console, with her head about 5 inches from mine and not budging. She finally got bored, went back to lay down and I got to shut off all my emergency equipment :)

John Filippone

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