Behind the Badge

Pregnant Woman

My partner and I were patrolling our precinct when the desk sergeant came over the air requesting and ambulance to the station house for a woman who walked in and stated that she was going into labor. The dispatcher responded that there was a 10 minute ETA for the ambulance. Moments later the desk sergeant requests a "rush" on the ambulance as "her water just broke on the floor".

My partner and I decide we'll go pick her up and rush her to the hospital which is only a short distance from the station house. We pick her up and try to get her in the car and she's screaming "It's coming now!!" She tells us she has to lie down because she feels like she's "sitting on the babies head". I'm telling her "Hold on, we're almost there!"

We get to the hospital and we rush her in. They rush her to the delivery room and my partner and I are getting ready to leave thinking we saved the day. As we're leaving the nurses are all laughing and they tell us that they examined this woman and she's not even pregnant! She's emotionally disturbed and pulled a similar stunt a week earlier. "But she broke her water on the stationhouse floor", I stated. "That wasn't water" stated the nurse. Then she said "It's a good thing you didn't try to deliver it!!"

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