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Tore up, wasted, or hammered, those I understand, but what about a shovel?

I received a call one night about a woman walking down the side of the road. She was elderly and wearing her nightgown and the caller advised she looked very "tore up" (being from the south you might understand that phrase). I dispatched one of our officers to check on it, but attempting to sound professional I said she was "and elderly whete female, walking down the road, and that the caller advised she looked disheveled." He advised he was enroute, and I proceeded to answer another 911 call. In the middle of the call I could hear my partners laughing hysterically. When I finished the call, and turned to ask them what was so funny, they advised that the officer had called into the office, and wanted to know why the heck an elderly woman was walking down the road carrying a shovel!!

Submitted by a Dispatcher

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