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In Memory of...

This page is dedicated to the memory of those loved ones that have passed away and to those of us left behind who miss them.
We reserve the right to edit all comments for appropriateness.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


FlowersAngela Dawn Mabe
By Patricia, NC USA
By Cheryl Anne Mabe, Walnut Cove, NC USA
I know over the years we may have grown apart but you will always remain in my heart. September 12, 1978-December 25, 1999 I love you Angela and Miss you

By Cheryl Anne Mabe,
Sis, I know we had our little fights but I will always love you, and I know that you loved me too, but I wish that I could have told you more often. I will miss you. You were "Amazing" and that is why I chose that song for you! I will always keep you in my memories and my heart!

FlowersJustin Mabry
By Ladeana Ragsdale, Bristol, IN USA
In memory of my son who died 14 months ago... Son I know you are in heaven waiting for me in God's great garden of peace and your memory is now in our hearts forever. You left too soon, we weren't done with the things you wanted to do, going to the navy was next on your list.. You will always be my sailor and now till we meet again please stay with me everyday as you have since you've been gone. You are my angel and need you to guide me the way.. make me strong buddy... Love Mom

CrossGordon Daniel MacRae (Grandpa)
By Angela MacRae & Kids, Victoria, BC Canada
Grandpa, a strong man. Died peacefully in your sleep almost as peaceful as the way I close my eyes and remember the way you were. A strong man, a loving devoted man. You brought somuch love to our lives and the world. Your marriage the only one I look up to, the only one that seemed like out of a fairy tale. I wish you didn't have to go. I wish you were with us now, you left behind so much family, a legacy that will be remembered as long as the MacRae's survive. An angel in heaven, probably up there giving God your opinions on how to improve the place LOL. I love you grandpa. Forever your in my heart. God Bless

Flower Vase Richard Douglass Madere
By Emily Sanchez, Slidell, Louisiana
Richard, I still can't believe that your really gone. I think about you all the time and how I could have been there for you. That night that Carrie called me and Toni, we were like omg,this is so not happening! So we were like Mom, we have to go up there tonight-right now, and that's exactly what we did; we left that night and stayed in Baton Rouge until' the morning and headed up to Stonewall/Shreveport.I still remember arriving to the funeral home:a first I didn't want to go in the room, but then I was like OK I have to, I have too see him one last time, so I went in and I lost it really bad; everyone came running in and took me out.Anyways, I miss u so much and I think about all those GREAT TIMES. My first kiss with you and chilling around the house and getting on "Moms" nerves lol.Just want you to know that you are in all of our hearts and prayers and we love you so much.
Love ya whole big bunches,
Emily and Toni Sanchez, Joyce "MOM" Walker, and everyone else.

CrossRandy E Maddox
By Curtis "Doc" Crawford, Clark, MO, USA
Randy was a friend to those he knew And those he just met. He was always willing to help others without giving a second thought. Although it saddens those that loved him, Those in heaven have gained a special Angel. May God bless the lifes of those he touched!
Doc Crawford

Cross Morgan James Maghuyop
By Tamara Autentico, Antioch, Ca.
Morgan, I think about you night and Day,
The pain will never go away.

I long to hear your voice again,
to see your face and that silly grin.

My thoughts of you are so intense!
I wonder if it all makes sense.

I know your in a better place,
but I still long to see your face.

I constantly wonder how I’ll survive,
without my son by my side.

I talk to you, everyday
We communicate in our own way.

I feel your presence close to me,
I know your watching over me.

I long to be with you again one day,
I’ll just have to wait, okay...

Love Always & Forever
Your Mom

FlowersConnie "Tru" Mahoney
By Lynn Brewer, Carrollton, KY USA
You were like a mother to me, someone I will miss dearly. I can go on knowing that you no longer have to suffer. Until I see you again, I love you Trudy.

Cross Jesus M. Maldonado
By Jonathan Racioppo, Gilbert, Arizona
Dear dad I joined the army I know your looking down proudly, you was taken from me at a young age of 15 now I'm a man 18 yrs old your not here to walk me through the steps of life. What keeps me going is that I know you are in a better place and one day we all meet again. Mom still hurts from your loss, we all do. rest in peace pops. 8/23/1970-1/31/2006 still feels like yesterday.

Cross Jesus Maldonado
By Michelle Rosado, Gilbert, AZ
1/31/2006 changed our lives forever. god has you in his keeping we have you in our hearts.cried a million tears and nothing has brought you back. You was taken from us at the age of 36 we will continue to keep your memory alive (memories last a life time) thats the one thing they didn't take from us.

Love your children Alexa, Jonathan, their mothers Eichelle & Michelle

CrossBenjamin Manalang
By Ira Samson, CA USA
To a wonderful grandfather I missed building with ... I love you Lolo even though I was not there with you so you could watch me grow into a young lady ... But I have been blessed knowing you as a child and further privileged by having you guard me while you're in Heaven. Mahal Kita ... Te Amo Mucho Lolito.

Cross Melissa Dawn Mann
By Samantha Dudley Willow Springs, NC
Melissa, you were my best friend and left to be with the Lord way too young. I think about you everyday and miss you more than words can say. Even though we were only best friends, I thought of you as my Sister. I will always remember our summers at Myrtle Beach, us meeting at Needmore Store on our bicycles just to get candy, and all of our crazy adventures. A big part of me died when you did, even after 17 years I struggle with your loss. But I have lived a wonderful life and you would be proud. I know you watch over me as an angel, Thank you! I love you!

CrossRichard Madere
By Jennifer Tucker, Shreveport, LA USA
Richard I know I didnt know you long. But for the time that I did you touched a speical place in my heart. I have never forgotten you sence the day I met you, And I will never forget the day Racheal told me you were gone. You had almost hit your 16 birthday you were only 13 days away. I just want you to know you will always be in my prayers and I love you forever & Always Your Friend,

FlowersTerry Ellen Manier
By Linda McClain, Lincoln Park, MI USA
No one ever said life would be easy, and it seems so unfair sometimes. Yet life's ups and downs make us better and stronger, even though we may not realize it at the moment.

Remember --
When you hurt, let the pain out.
When you're sad, let the tears flow.
When you're angry, release it.
When frustration sets in, work it out.

Help yourself as much as you can. You can be your own best friend.
Love is the greatest gift we can give to one another,
and giving is one of the greatest joys life bestows upon us.

Thank you little sister for giving your love to me.

FlowersDoretta & Thomas Manion
By Mary Jo Manion, Valrico Florida
Mom And Dad, I want you to know we love you and miss you so very much. You would be so proud. Your grandchildren are now 30,25 and 23. They talk about you so much. Alot of wonderful memories. What do you think about the great grandchildren? Ambi is 4. Christopher is 3. Noah is 4 months. My loving memories of you,lives on through them. I'm so sad you never got to know any of them,but I know you are watching over all of us from heaven. I know you were there when Ambi had surgery. I could feel you both there. Every time I see a shooting star I know it's, sent from you. You are both forever in all of our hearts. I am forever your loving and only child, I love you.

Love always: Mary (daughter), Danny, Heather, Denise (grandchildren), Ambi, Christopher, Noah (great grandchildren)

FlowersElizabeth "Betty Mae" Mansur
By Sally A. Dudley, Stevenson, WW USA
We shall never forget our mother, for it was she who planted and nurtured the first seed of good within us. She opened our hearts to the impressions of nature; she awakened our understanding and extended our horizons, and her percepts exerted an everlasting influence upon the course of our lives. We love you so.
Your children,

Cross Clyde Marimuthu
By Claire Israel, Highveld, Centurion
DBN POI-ZN- Clyde Marimuthu-Born 20 June 1976-With Christ 11 September 2005-Age 29 years
"Clyde I miss you so much, it hurts even writing this. Not only were you my Baby brother, but my protector, my best friend, and the perfect gentleman. I will never understand why GOD wanted you so soon, without even saying goodbye to me. One thing is certain, I have lost a loving and caring "gem" of a brother, but heaven has gained a precious "angel". You may be gone from this earth physically, but spiritually and emotionally you will always be engraved in my heart, constantly in my thoughts and embossed in my memory…till we meet again…love you baby b... your little sister Claire"

Cross Pops Marimuthu
By Claire Israel, Highveld, Centurion
My Daddy-Born 27 June 1942-With Christ 7 December 2009-Age 67 years "Daddy you were the best father a daughter could ever wish for. Your were always there for me, stood beside me, loved me and protected me. I love and miss you so much my heart aches. You left a void that no-one will ever fill. All I have is your loving memories. I know that heaven has gained a treasure... till we meet again... love you daddy... your only daughter Claire"

CrossRosie Pearl Breeden-Marshall
By Sheila Portman
I will aways think of you with a warm feeling in my heart.
Your Granddaughter.

CrossAnthony C. Martin
By Sharon Lewis Hemmerly, Columbus, OH USA
Tony was with us such a short time. We all went through school together. Tony was engaged to my best friend and we were all a "group". Tony enlisted in 1968 and was sent to Hanoi. At the end of Tony's tour, he and his company engaged the "enemy" at Hotel Hanoi. Tony was shot behind the left ear and died immediately. Only the good die young. Tony was a young, talented, and praise the Lord, Christian man. He will be sadly missed on earth and joyously greeted in heaven.

FlowersHoward James Martin
By Darlene Bryant, Fayettville, NC USA
Jim baby I miss you so much. I know you are in heaven looking down and watching over us. You were very special to me and alot of others. You are greatly missed. I know we will be together in heaven. I love you sweetheart

June 29 1974 - July 1 2000

FlowersJim Martin (OZZY)
By Dixie, Spring Lake, NC USA
I am so lost with out you babe. I would hold your memories in my hear forever I know you our my angel now looking after me. I came sometimes hear your voice. I miss you so much sweetheart. I will do everything I can to make sure the girls are ok. We miss you baby

I love you
Your Dixie

CrossMarlene Martin
By Vivian Shaw, Long Beach, CA USA
The tears we smile are tears of joy
Because we know that you are in heaven
Rejoiceing with our lord.
We may lay your body deep within the ground
But your spirit is in heaven just dacing around.
One day soon we will see you again
This is something we truly know
But until that day ...Let the angels carry you home.

You Will Be Truly Missed.
Love Always,
Your Family.

Mary, Alan, Dorine, Malikka, Shamika, Rachel, Daniel, Andre, William, Wendy, Montre, Vivian, Janice Darren, Elaine, Stacy, Jermaine, Sammy, Jerome, Jermile,David And Family, Dwayne And Family, Merlene Your Twin Sister And Family, Little Man, Big Dave And a host of other family members as well as friends. You touch so many lives with the love you shared with your heart and we all that comfort in knowing that the monster who took your life will be held accountable for his actions not only on this earth but also we he stand before God during his judgement day.

God bless you and keep your soul for you now sleep with the angels.

Written By Your Cosuin,

CrossMichael Lee Martin
By Tina Fontenot, Martinsville, VA USA
You left so quickly in your sleep.I didn't get the chance to tell you how very much I love you and you will forever be in my heart.

CrossRussell Martin
By Carolyn Williams, Urbana, IL USA
By Jo Ann Beazly, Bellflower, IL USA
By Carolyn Williams,
My dad who passed away on 10/11/98 You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide; and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. We miss you.

By Jo Ann Beazly,
By daughter, Jo Ann Beazly

We remember, Dad, your laughter that we always loved to hear
We remember your encouragement that you held so very dear
We remember, Dad, the strength and love you had shown to us each day
We hope you saw our love for you, each one of us - in our own way.

We remember the times you dried our tears, with your understanding words - "it's okay"
We hope, Dad, we dried YOUR tears, with a prayer - or a word some way
We remember, Dad, you're caring ways when anyone had a need
And even in the nursing home, your friend, Roy, you did feed.

We remember, Dad, the first one there, to show his respect that day
Was your friend, Roy, in his wheelchair - nothing could have kept him away
The many memories are precious, of the father we loved and knew
And we want you to know, Dad, we love you and we so miss you.

Cross Rita bianco Martin
By Brandy, Williamsburg VA

CrossMichael D. Martinez
By Ayla C. Cal, Union City, California
Everyday we miss U more and more. And everyday I wish U were still here. God wanted U w/ him as much as we wanted u w/ us. But he only takes the best. I love u so much Mike. And one day He'll reunite us together again!! 726 forever!!

Cross Constance Hunadi Marule
By Elsie Marule
Today marks the fifth year since you left us my little sister, but the emptiness in our heart is not getting any better. Our consolation is that you are now in a better place where cancer will not hurt you anymore. The whole family misses you and it will take us forever to forget you.Love you, Miss you little sis, Always.

Cross Beverly Jean Mason
By Beverly J. Cramer, Napoleon, Ohio
My Grand Mother died in September of 2001. She was the kindest, most loving grandparent and mother that any one person could ask for. She spent her life trying to make her kids happy and make sure they were always OK. She died after a long battle with cancer and I just want her to know that we all Love and Miss her very much and she will never be forgotten and will always be on our hearts and the hearts of our kids. We Love you.

Cross Terry Sue Mason
By Beverly Jean Cramer, Napoleon, Ohio
My dear mother, you've only been gone two weeks. Losing you is still fresh in my memory and it's not getting any easier for me to accept, but I have faith that the lord will keep you under his wing and keep you happy for eternity. You was the best mother I could ever ask for and now it's your time to rest. I will love you more each day and you are always in our hearts. I miss you Mom. Until we meet again, please be with me always.

CrossDustin Massey (my bubby)
By LaRisa Decker, Fairborn, OH USA
Bubby I miss you ... on Aug 10, 1998 Dustin borrowed a truck to go joy riding with some friends ... Donnie, Jessica, and Teresa ... at 12:05 am, aug 11, 1998 he lost control of the truck and went off the road into a tree ... all 4 were trapped inside. The fuel line snapped on impact and the truck caught fire ... they all died. We miss you guys ... Skyborn's not the same ... rest in peace ... this ones for you Dustin

~Towards Heaven~
every morning I wake up
just like before
sometimes you're there in my mind
sometimes I have nightmares
and others I just see your face
I've been strong and weak
I think I've had just about everyone cry on my shoulder
yet when I finally break down
when the images are too much to bare
none reaches out~
last night I let go
I cried for hours ... alone
and when I looked up
you were beside me
you held me in your arms
and whispered...
"anytime you need a shoulder to lean on
when the pain's too much to bare
send your cries towards heaven
and I'll be there"
~so each night
before I go to bed...
I say a little prayer
while I gaze out my window
and blow a kiss towards heaven
knowing you're watching over me

"I love you bubby!!"
in memory of Dustin Massey
April 20,1983 to August 11,1998

FlowersTimothy Benjamin Mathews
By Cindy Mathews, St Charles, MO USA
This is our precious baby who was born on January 25, 1996 and went home to be with Jesus on January 29, 1996. He was only with us for five brief days, but he will always live in our hearts! I wrote a poem in his memory and it can be found at We love you Benji! Until we meet again...

FlowersAmanda Mathis
By Cathy Mahoney, Westminster, MD USA
In memory of my daughter Amanda who died on 7/2/00. Mandy as we called her lived 17 of her 18 years with massive brain damage. She was however the most beautiful child and could light up a room with her smile. Mandy I miss you so much and I will forever feel gifted for the love you gave to me. May you have sunshine, hot-dogs, swings and rose's and be the angel that you were here on earth. I will never forget or stop loving you. Good-bye for now. Love Mom.

CrossAmanda Mathis
By Samantha Addesa, Ranson, West virgina
How can a child who can't speak, walk or even comprehend the world around them... teach me so many things about life. Mandy, you were my baby sister and although we never had a normal sibling realationship you have taught me the meaning of unconditional love, respect, giving and to appreciate everything in my life. I miss you moey... I feel your presence here with me. Yet, I cant wait for the day to see you, hold you or even smell your scent again. Your big sister. Sam

CrossJoseph Matthews
By Paul Matthews, Dublin Ireland
Dad I had not seen you for over a year when I heard the news that you had been in a traffic accident, I came as soon as I heard and arrived in Dublin the next day and went straight to the hospital. The most important thing for me was to be able to say goodbye to you and I thank God that I could. We all miss you so much, Mum really misses you but rest assured we are looking after her. Greg, Keith and I are very close as you would have wanted. Tara is okay too. I regret so much that you will not sing at my wedding, you sang Ave Maria so beautifully. Dad I love you and miss you so much, you are in our prayers. Anthony prays for you every night.

Goodbye Dad.
"your little boy"

Cross Samantha Matthews
By Ashley, Owasso, OK
Sam, babe, your gone! We put you in the ground today and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, say goodbye! If you only woulda asked for help, one of us would have tried. I miss you so much! I knew you for 4 years and I thought you were actually gonna do it this time. You had 2 weeks left and you were out! You were so close! You will always be in my heart. I hope your story helps at least one person. I love you baby girl! I miss you!

Sam killed herself in rehab. She had two weeks to go and she was out! She just didnt want to go home. If you are thinkin about suicide please, please, get some help. You have no idea how much pain you cause those who loved you! It's so not worth it. If you cant find anyone to talk to, e-mail me! I will be glad to offer free help and you dont ever have to even see me! PLEASE dont do it. It's not worth it.

CrossRenee Mauduit
By Stacy Johnson, New Orleans, LA USA
Renee was a sweet caring person, and we will all feel the emptiness when we walk across the stage without her. We are so reckless with our lives, so careless. Renee gave us a second chance, she gave us our lives back. She will always be remembered. WE LOVE YOU RENEE!

CrossCatherine Mayer January 27 th 2000---LUNG CANCER
By Sharon Kross, Port Monmouth, NJ USA
Mommy & Daddy we miss you both so much You left us too soon:-(
Debbie, Cathy, Kevin, Maureen, Sharon, Jackie, Steven

CrossJoesph Mayer Dec 15th 1994--VEIN DISEASE
By Sharon Kross, Port Monmouth, NJ USA
Mommy & Daddy we miss you both so much You left us too soon:-(
Debbie, Cathy, Kevin, Maureen, Sharon, Jackie, Steven

By Erin, CA USA
"Give her the fruit of her hands,and let her works praise her in the gates." Proverbs 31:31
I love you Maxine. May you rest in peace in Heven for all of time.

FlowersJobey Maxwell
By Amy, Springfield, MO USA
We never got to hold our baby, to count each finger and toe. Even before the due date, it was already time to go. Jobey was due May 13th, 2000, but was lost on November 8th, 1999. We miss you!

CrossJohn Edgar & Ann McAnulty
By Brandy Walker, Oak Park, MI, USA
Even though I did'nt get to meet you grandpa and grandma I already know so much about you, because my mother your daughter has always spoken very highly of you and tells me nothing but good things about you, and even though the Lord took you away before I was born I still miss you and I regret not being able to meet you but I know I will oneday get that chance.

your loving grandaughter,
Brandy Shlaine

CrossDoLores Jeanette McCabe Born February 11,1933 to October 31, 1999
By Rowena J. Tyree, Haltom City, Texas
Mom throught your life of raising us 6 children, several bouts with lung cancer, and untold herina operations you stayed strong for all of us. You gave up so much of your own personal life to make sure that us kids received what we needed, thank you so much for that. Although your mind and your body were ready to go home to God and your own Mom long before the good lord decided to take you away, you still stayed strong. But you are now with the angles that you loved so much. I am sorry for being angry with you for wanting to leave us, but I really do understand. At the same time I feel guilty that I did not ask you to try one last time to stay here on with us kids. It is hard and I still hurt. Most of all I am happy that you are no longer suffering and are where you want to be. I will always cherish the times we had together. I love you so very much. Your loving Daughter.

CrossCharles Leslie McClain
By Joe McClain, Lincoln Park, MI USA
Throughout my life, my thoughts, beliefs, and actions have been influenced by the people around me. However, no one has such a profound influence on me as my father.

Throughout my early childhood, my father was the center of my life. My immediate family was close, but only my dad completely understood me. I had few friends, and I spent most of my time at home. During this time, my dad talked to me and taught me. He did not simply show me things and tell me about them. Instead, he introduced me to various subjects and taught me to question, to investigate, and to discover. He taught me to learn.

Then, when I was eleven years old, something happened that shattered my tranquil life. I saw my father die. His death was a great and sudden shock and a terrible loss. I was emotionally numb for two years. During that time, I realized that, although the most important figure in my life was gone, I must go on. My father's death became my rite of passage. As I worked my way through my recovery, I came to know that my education was in my own hands..

Now, I still work toward the ideals my father set for me, using the tools and techniques he taught me. I still share many of his interests, and his methods of thought and action. In going to U-M, I seek to build upon my knowledge and skills to help myself become a man of equal quality to my father. After my schooling, I will likely become a father myself. Even in my own family life, I will be following the examples and using the skills of mind and heart that my dad showed me in the earliest years of my life.

Thus I am on the path to my future. Wherever my life may take me, I will be ready with the mental and emotional tools I will need to prosper, all because of one great man my father.

I love you dad

CrossJeffrey Paul Mcclain
By Patty Smith, Lost Creek, WV USA
Lets Go Mountaineers!! You were such an avid WVU fan, as well as a Nascar fan. You had a real flair for life and lived it to the fullest. And just in the prime of your life, God called you Home, your time on Earth was through. You were a loving family man, and we love and miss you still.

CrossHarold Wayne McColum D.O.B. 6-11-49 MURDERED 7-23-98
By Lisa Alexander, Reagan, TN USA
In loving memory of my brother whose life was taken from this world much too soon. It wasn't supposed to be this way. You weren't supposed to die. It's been almost two years, it all happen so sudden, we didn't get to say "I LOVE YOU" or even "GOODBYE". Our lives have changed forever without you here, we miss you so much. Not a day goes by we don't think of you.

CrossRichard J. Mc Cracken
By Stephen L. Guardino, Palm Coast, FL USA
Richard was a special man who touched many lives. It will be almost a year that we lost him. Richard, Kathy and I miss you very much. We miss your warm smile, your witty ways, and playing cards on the weekends. You were there for us when we needed you and you are deeply missed. We know you are in Heaven playing Hand and Foot with my Mom (Mildred), your parents, and your brother John Taylor. Keep a seat open for us at the card table my friend as someday we will join you with the card Gods. We LOVE YOU, & WE MISS YOU. Your neice and nephew, Steve & Kathy

Flowers Holly McClure
By Mike Cressy, Bellevue, Washington
Friday night, Nov 9th 2007, Holly McClure Killed herself by hanging. Holly was a sweet generous woman who was loved very much by all who knew her. Holly was 50 years old and had been a hostess for some of the major restaurants in Bellevue and as an office manager for several years after that. Originaly from Pennsylvania, she moved to San Fransico as a young adult and then to the Bellevue area 20 years ago. She is survived by her sisters Robin and Phoebe, brothers Bruce and Laird, her father and boyfriend Mike. We all loved her very much and will miss her greatly.

CrossHaley Mcdonald
By Taylour Musto
Haley I know we weren't that close but in my heart I decided to be close, at the last minute of time. Haley lots of people are talking about you we all miss you alot we wish you were here today to see us graduate from 6th,7th,8th,9,10th,11th and what do you know is college. We all know u died of a young age and wer'e all very sad . We have so much we would want to say to you right now but all I could say is we miss you and r.i.p love, your friend Taylour Musto, and the whole Ramblewood Middle school.

CrossLena Mcdonald
By Wilma Adams, Meridian MS USA
My mother passed away in Sept of 2000 she had live with me for 13 years and then she was with my sister, we loved her so much and we miss her so very much she was a good mother the best that a child could every have my sister and i will go out on her birthday every december on the 19 just to remeber her. Mother I miss you but I weill keep you near me at all times love you. your daugther Wilma

Cross Willie B. McDougle, Sr.
By Melissa Ann Hodges, Huntington, NY
4/26/31-12/07/03 It's been one year since you've gone to heaven but it seems like yesterday. We miss you but we know you are not suffering anymore. Until we all are together again as a family in heaven, rest in peace. Love, your heartbroken family, Maribelle, Willie Jr., Wayne, Melissa, Grand and great-grandkids-We love You, Pop-Pop!

CrossInez McDowell
By Kathy Daniel, Little Rock, Arkansas
Died: December 27, l963 Survived by husband Howard, and three children: Kathy, age l0 Glenn, age l3, Sherrill, age l2 Severely burned on November 30, l963 in house explosion due to gas leak, died December 27, l963

Mom, my time with you was very short, but you taught me all the important things in life-to be generous, forgiving, and loving, and to make each day mean something. I never got to tell you how much I loved you, but I think you knew anyway. Rest in peace, Mom.

Cross Mary Hallmark MCdonald
By Ann Posey, James and Shorty
To the memory of my sister she was my everything in life and in this world, I couldnt have asked for a better sister. You will always be remembered and loved. Your sister Ann Posey, James and Shorty (We love you)

They say memories are golden
Well maybe that's true
But we never wanted memories
We only wanted you.

A million times we've needed you
A million times we've cried
If love alone could have saved you
You never would have died.

In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still
In our hearts you hold a special place
No one could ever fill.

If tears could build a staircase
And heartache build a lane
We'd walk the path to heaven
And bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken
And nothing seems the same
But as God calls us one by one
The chain will link again.

FlowersElsie Lorraine Williams McDugle
By Lorra Martinez, Houston, TX USA
My momma, my rock, my best friend. You fought long and hard with your battle of cancer. During that time you did so much for others; never worried about yourself only giving to others.

I will miss you deeply! There is not a day that goes by that you do not cross my mind.

I will strive to become the woman that you were! You will always be my momma, my rock, and my best friend! I love you momma!

Your daughter,
2 Timothy 4:7

Flower VaseGrandpa, Grandma Mcferren
By Mcferren/Dobbs, Alexandria, VA USA
Granddaddy Richard Patrick Mcferren and Grandma Mcferren We love you, miss you! Happy Birthday, Granddaddy, October 31st, Will Be Your Birthday!
Grandma, Your Birthday will be November 10th, Happy Birthday! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2000. Love your Grandchildren
Jamiemarie, Kimmy-Kids, Krissy, Sharon, Robyn, Roberta, Johnny, Dorothy, Ann, Tabitha, Alec, Marissa, Victoria, K.J. Randy, Nicholas, Mattie, Kaykay, Richard, PAT, Dorthy's Kids, Sharon's Kids, and Michelle

FlowersCaptain William McGonagle
By Ronald G. Kukal, Sheridan, WY USA
Your time has come Skipper. I should have written this letter to you, before you passed on, and so now I write to others that need to know. I am so thankful for the past thirty two years of added life that has been given to me.First of all I thank my God, who is more precious then gold,and then I thank you Captain for your actions on June 8, 1967. I said just one small prayer before the torpedo hit, and then hit the deck. Men were killed all around me, and I thought for sure we would go to the bottom. Due to your actions, I am here to write this small tribute. May the God of peace be with you sir, and even though I didn't know your spiritual beliefs, it is my ernest prayer that your salvation was complete, and you are resting in a mansion known only to you, and the Lord himself.

CrossMary Carolyn McGrath
By Monique Stefanski, Winchester, Tennessee
In loving memory of my mother. I think of you every day, and miss you terribly. I love you mom. Love always.

CrossPatricia C McKinney
By Nancy, Columbus, OH USA
Sorry I never told you all I wanted to say, and now it's to late to hold you,because you have flown far away,Never had I imagined living without your smile. Feeling and knowing you hear me, it keeps me alive and I know your smiling down on me from heaven,and i know eventually will be together..
One Sweet Day
I Miss you Mom
Every Day,

FlowersMary Donahue Mclain
By Ruth Skalamera, Phila, PA
Mom, not a second passes that I dont think of u, I miss u so much, we all do, u were so young and there was so much left to do. I know your in a better place now, no pain, no suffering and I know your still with us just not in that sick body. You were my best friend, confident, teacher, hero and so much more. I love you and miss you. Sometimes I still cant believe your gone and I wish you were still here, so many people loved you, you were so special, one in a million. Mom passed March 23,2001 at the age of 62. Were trying to go on, thats what you would want but its not that easy, we'll all be together again someday untill then, I love you mommy. In memory of Mary R. Mclain, wife of Frank, mother to Colleen, Maureen And Ruthanne, mother-in-law of John and Joe, grandmother to John Jr. and Kaitlyn.

CrossIda Bell McLaurin
By Kari McLaurin, Sand Springs, OK USA
This was my grandmother, a absolute wonderful person to all. I love her so much and I know she is happy in heaven where she needs to be. God keep her forever and let her know her smiles, heart, and soul is here with me.

CrossGerrid McPherson
By Jessica Truesdell, Fort Wayne, IN USA
Gerrid, Honey, We miss you so much. We know you are in heaven now, and the pain is gone. Your life was taken so quickly, I didnt get to say goodbye. I know you can see me, and I hope you know I love you. You were like a big brother to me, even when you didnt have to be. God, Take care of my wonderful friend. He means the world to me.

I love you, Gerrid.

FlowersBruce Meade
By LaDonna Burks, Tiffin, Ohio
Bruce died July 2 2000 in Fremont, Ohio from a motorcycle accident, he was only 32 .You where one of the best motorcyle racer's we have ever known Bruce. Our daughter Shawn was with you that night, she will always remember you, and the things you said and did in your last moments before the terrible crash. Bruce your family loves and misses you so much.. Love aunt LaDonna.

FlowersGlenn Meade Jr.
By LaDonna Burks, Tiffin, Ohio
Glenn was found dead in his home in Fremont, Ohio. He was only 29.. Glenn your life was short on this earth, we may never understand what happened to you, but we will always be looking for the answers to why you died till the day we die, that is lest we can do in your memory and for the family. Glenn we love and miss you so much buddy.. and all the talks we had together. I'm glad we had those special times with you. Love your aunt LaDonna

CrossEarl Wayne Meadows
By Charles, Cora, Catherine, Christopher, and Carolann, Bristow, OK USA
Earl you are missed dearly by all of us. We know that you are watching over us all. Catherine, Christopher, and Carolann have the best guardian angel in you. Catherine says "love you always". Christopher says "boo". And Charles and I promise to teach Carolann about you. You were the greatest Papa that there ever was. We all love you and miss you.

Cross Larry S Meadows Jr. 7/27/62 to 8/27/2006
By Pat Meadows, Carrolton, KY
You were the love of my life. We were married for 24 years and you left me at 44. That was to young to leave me. We said we would grow old together but I guess God had better plans for you. I loved you so much. I hoped you knew that and I wish we could do our lives over again so I could be a better wife. Why couldn't it have been me. I am in so much pain and I don't know if I can live without you. No one knows how I feel. Our daughters lost their father, your mother lost a son. Your brothers & sisters lost a brother and I know that is hard for them but I lost my best friend, my husband, my partner, and the person I could talk to about anything, etc. I am so lonely and I will love you forever and always. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone young or old so take the time for a kiss or I love you or I am sorry cause if tomorrow never comes you will have no regrets about today till I see you again my darling I love you.

Cross Larry Stephen Meadows Jr. (Stevie)
By Shelley Moore, Carrollton, KY
In memory of my precious brother, July 27,1962 - Aug.27, 2006. I had no idea you would leave us so soon. I think about you all the time. I miss you more than words could ever explain. I know in my heart the night you left us you looked into the face of God. He wanted to take you home,and he did. I know your safe, and your in the most amazing place now. I love you with all my heart. Even though your not with us now, my love for you gets stronger every day. I'll miss you until we meet again. I would have held you closer,if only I had known. Always remember Skully loves you Buddy.

Cross May Meares Jan 10,1910- June 7,1989
By Joan McMorris, Baton Rouge, LA
My dear "Grandoni" I miss you more with each passing day. You were the only person who ever showed love to me. You were the shining example of love and selflessness. I thank you for all the care and concern you had for me. Please forgive me for the selfish years when "doing my own thing" was more important than taking time to talk to you or visiting you. You were so wise, I would give anything to have your advice now that I am old enough to listen and learn. I pray Heaven has a porch swing that you and I can share like we used to on hot summer nights. I wait for the day when we are united again.

CrossBrian Meilbeck
It has been a year ago today that you were so quickly taken from so many who love and care about you. But, there is so much comfort in knowing that you are with our savior, Jesus Christ.

While Brian was alive he affected so many lives in so many positive ways. On this day I am thankful that I was able to know such a wonderful and truly caring human being in the short time that he was with us. So many miss him, including me. His family is constantly in my prayers and thoughts. It's nice to have a place to remember such a wonderful person and now a beautiful spirit.

CrossMichael Melville
By Helena, Troy, NY USA
Michael saying good bye to you is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I still find my self picking up the phone to call you half way through I realize that your not there. Then I see your boys and I see you in Mikey's eyes and Andy's grin I know that apart of you will always be with us. Love Helena

CrossMichael W. Melville Sr.
By Kelly Melville, Troy, NY USA
By Sarah Dean, Troy, NY USA
By Michale Melville J.R., Troy, NY USA
By Andy Melville, Troy, NY USA
By Kelly Melville,
Michael, I know you are only away, but in my thoughts and my heart we will always be together, never apart. Though you may not be with me, the memories stay, and in time when the hurt isn't too much to bear, whenever I look in my heart, you'll be there. I love and miss you so much, your sister, Kelly.
By Sarah Dean,

Mike, I dont know where to start. I know that you are only away, but always in my heart and thoughts. Its still not the same without you here. I know that you are now in a better place but I wish you were still here with me. I miss and love you so much, And I just want you to know, no that there is not one moment that goes threw my mind when I do not think of you and the special times weve shared. Its so hard to deal with your loss and I hope it gets better soon, but I want you to know that I will always love you and never stop thinking about you and the times weve shared. i love and miss you so much, Luv Sarah.
By Michale Melville J.R.,
Daddy-I know your only away in my thoughts, but your always in my heart. Dad I miss you very much and love you very much. I just wanted to let you know that i will never forget you and all the special times that we shared. Your the best!! See you when I get there. Alway watch over me and protect me like you always have! Daddy I love you so much and miss you and Don't forget it. Love your son Michale .J.R
P.S Don't forget the popeye look! I love you!
By Andy Melville,
Daddy, you will always have a very special place in my heart. I love you so much and can't wait until the day I can give you a big bear hug! On October 26, 2000 my Daddy was taking a ride on his motorcycle when an 18-wheeler truck ran him over and kept going. I will never understand how a person can kill somebody and not stop. You took a very loving and devoted daddy away from his twin nine year old sons. This spring when we play baseball we know we won't see you in the stands cheering us on, but we know you will see us. Michael Warren Melville Sr. -March 16, 1965 - October 26, 2000. Love your son, Andrew

Flower VaseWarren A. Melville
By Kelly Melville, Troy, NY USA
Dad, You have been gone now for 25 years and the hurt doesn't get easier. Not a day passes that I do not think of you or miss you. Your memory will always stay alive with me. I love and miss you, please take care of Michael for us. Your daughter, Kelly

Cross Edward D. Menard
By Christine Collins, Kaplan, Louisiana
born: Dec. 5, 1939 died: Sept 7, 2004 In memory of a wonderful man whom is missed and cherished always. Who is now at peace and in waiting till we come home. Our love and thoughts are with you till then. Your daughter, Christine Collins

Cross Joseph F. Mendoza
By Amy Mendoza, Fall River, MA
Daddy, I can't believe that it's going to be five years in august that you have been gone from us. I miss you so much. I graduated high school! And went to college for a bit. and Bob did propose for my 19th birthday! I am now a pre-school teacher and have a class of 30, four year olds. I miss you very much daddy...and as my wedding day draws nearer I seem to get sad because your not going to be there to walk me down the isle. I know you'll always be there in spirit but it's hard not to miss you. You were the best dad that a girl could have possibly asked for. You and mom gave me the world...and you gave me so many beautiful memories of growing up. I turn 21 in four months!! and I'm getting married June 10th 2006...on yours and moms wedding anniversary. Bob and I thought it would be nice to keep that date and memory alive. There's not a single day that passes that I don't think of you or talk about you. When I lost you...I lost myself...but I think I'm doing better now...I actually wrote a book about losing you and everything I went through emotionally after that. That book that I wrote is in the works of being published. I miss your laugh, I miss your free spirit I miss you. I know your looking down on me from heaven and watching over me every day and I think that’s what helps me to get through each day. I miss you more than you could possibly know. But no matter what, your memory will always be alive within my heart. I love you daddy and always will. And as you always said "no star is out of reach" and to this day I live by that. Your so sadly missed and so dearly loved...Love Always...Your little princess Amy

CrossAmanda Mercer
By Chris, Donald and Benjamin Acors, Virginia Beach, VA USA
As your birthday approaches I see your family around me become saddened. We will miss you so very much.You were truly an inspiration in the way you lived your life and you will live on in my heart. I wish we could have accomplished some of the things you and I often talked of while you were waiting to go to your heavenly Father. You can only look down from Heaven now and help your children through this. I watch from here and see the pain each one endures with your loss. They each go on in their own way trying to make peace in their own way. Hopefully your wishes that they make peace amongst themselves will come in time. You did not get to see it in your life here and I have passed on your messages and letters and I promise to keep your word alive. We all miss you terribly Granny. I wish you peace and love and I am at peace because I know you do not suffer anymore. Happy Birthday, Love, Chris, Don and Benjamin Caleb

FlowersCeil Merle
By John Merle, MI, USA
Dear Grandma,
I can't belive you left us so sudden. I pick up the phone expecting to hear your voice. Now you are with dad, and grandpa now! I know that you are happy to be with them again. My heart misse you. Thank you for all the good times!
Love & Miss You

CrossJohn Merle
By John Merle, MI, USA
To my dad,
You were my best friend, and the person that I could talk to. I have such an empty feeling in me without you. I know that you are in Gods house, and with Grandma & Grandpa. I just miss you.
Love John

CrossHelen Hill Mergenthaler
By Kathy Goble, Owensboro, Kentucky
(Mom died after a long battle with breast and liver cancer in March of 2001.) My grief is still so fresh, but I picture you smiling, mom. I'm glad you didn't have to suffer and died peacefully with all your loved ones surrounding you. I love you and will always miss you. I thank God that you were MY mother.

FlowersBrenda L. Methot
By Debra Underhill, Glen Burnie, MD USA
My dearest friend Brenda, How saddened I am by the loss of you. But, you are among the angels now, and you were an angel to everyone you met. You leave behind happy memories and a vision of a smile that I will NEVER forget. I will miss you dearly! Our time together on Earth was much too brief. In memory of you, I plant a special garden this year, it will be "Brenda's Garden". I will fill it full of all the beautiful flowers that I know you loved. An angel will be placed in that garden, a symbol of you, to watch over it everyday. I know that you are watching over us, the one's that you loved...and we will be together again someday. I know you'll prepare a place for us. I love you, my dear and special friend.
Brenda died just days after her 44th birthday, as the result of a fire that destroyed her home. She leaves behind many people who loved her. Brenda was a kind and gentle person who was always giving of herself.

Flowers Brenda L. Methot
By Hank O'Brien, Philadelphia, PA
My dearest Brenda; you lived a completely new life so shortly after we parted as husband and wife for over eleven years. I have remained single to this very day. I think of you each and every day... I drink my coffee EVERY morning from your cup that I have cherished all these years. You were the most wonderful part of my life. I have drifted into near madness with nightmares and uncertainty over the conditions of your passing. I am tortured by the thought that you would still be here today, had we not foolishly allowed our first marriage vows to be ignored, had we overcome the hurdles we experienced when we were so young. I am so grateful to have experienced your 'once in a lifetime' LOVE. I find some comfort in knowing that our feelings for each other were so true and strong. In realization that in just a few years after our separation, your life touched many others… I hope and pray that I might see you again someday. I write this Memorial in the Spring of 2009 as I feel my days are numbered and my mind is weakening into a very fragile condition. In the last few months I have found myself crying myself to sleep every single night in memory of you. I have no explanation for the recent cause of this. My thoughts and genuine Love for you will never die. It would be so meaningful to me if I could find and visit your final resting place should anyone who reads this be so kind as to reveal this information. I Love you to this very day and miss you so much.

CrossMary Belle Ball Dye Mewberry
By Frances Sparks, Richlands, VA USA
My grandma was one of the greatest around,
No greater could ever be found.
She helped us thru many years,
My grandma to me was very dear,
She raised her kids the best she could,
And took them to church like everyone should.
She lived her life for the lord,
And taught us all about his word.
She has been gone for quiet some time,
But we still keep her on our mine.

CrossJoshua and Samual Michaels
By All friends at Hidden Oaks Middle, Palm City FL
Josh (12 at the time) Sam, his younger brother (10 at the time) went on a joy ride with Chad McComas, driver with not yet a lisence Karen Victoria Morris (Tori, 13 at the time) and Alicia Ann Brennan (14 at the time) The Joy ride suddenly ended at 4:15 AM when the driver looked down to change the radio station. They crashed into a Pine tree going 60 M/P/H. Tori, Josh, Sam and Alicia died within December 3-4.

Heres a poem for you guys: Striken with Grief is what I am,I wish I could see them, to talk, to laugh to enjoy the times we used to have. Forever remembered by pictures on walls, if only they were here to roam threw the halls. A river of tears in every class, stream down our face, even though they are in a better place. Such short lives, taken so fast, posters and banners, flowers a balloon, too young to die, taken so soon. Our conclers console us, say its ok, but only if we could change that one fateful day. A car, a tree, screams in the night, tears of sorrow and tears of fright. One horrible mistake, please stop their pain, dont let them ache. Our parents repeat, a lessons been learned, a lessons been learned? How bittersweet. Up in the Heavens is where they will stay, with hope in our hearts to meet again one day. High in the clouds with angels above, to watch down on us, to see our love. Every second I live, everytime I breathe, youre in my heart, I'll always believe. We love and miss you all so much! Love your friends at Hidden Oaks Middle

FlowersCarol Michelle Mickelson
By Lois Mickelson, WA, USA

One Year Ago Today

One year has passed filled with agonizing grief Since I held you and felt your spirit drift away. Losing you, precious Carol, was the worst of my fears Now haunting memories, torment me, every day.

I am imprisoned within the silence of this lonely home Which once was filled with the sounds of your laughter. I miss how your presence, evoked a peaceful serenity I miss your smile, and miss you my beloved, daughter.

I feel your absence in every aspect of my life This loneliness and sadness, encompasses my heart. Sometimes the pain is almost unbearable to endure The reality of your death, is tearing me apart.

So I reach out to you, with a desire to mend and heal This broken heart and wipe away these endless tears I seek refuge in a place where the illusion of you prevails. Where treasured images unveil your life throughout the years.

Now I survive each day with these remembrances of you Through these cherished memories, I'm blessed by your grace. You were an inspiration to me, my very special little girl You touched my life, my heart feels the warmth of your embrace.

I am humbled by your courage, and unconditional love I will love and miss you Carol until I draw my last breath. The essence of your spirit captivates my every thought. On this melancholy day of the first anniversary of your death.

In Loving memory of Carol Mickelson
With all my love forever your mommy
March 29th, l997
Copyright @ 1997 Lois Mickelson Carol's Memorial

CrossCesarina Mignone
By Cesarina Mignone, Canada
In memory of my beloved grandmother. Your loss is felt with each passing day. Precious was the time we had, although we took it all for granted, as we lived life day to day. I never knew I'd come to miss you so. I still turn to your memory with my thoughts, listen for your spirit's guidance, and hear your words of love whenever I gaze into my children's eyes. Your love made me all that I am, and there is no one that can comfort me the way you could. Pray for us all. We all still need you so. Until we meet again.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glint on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush
I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circling flight
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die.

Cross David Miles
By Michael D. Miles, Holland, Indiana
December 6, 1928 - April 26, 2002 - In Loving Memory of a wonderful father who I deeply love and truly miss so dearly. At some point in everyone's life, they will meet a person who makes everything come together and turn out right. It may be a friend, a relative, or a person they met at a party one time, then never saw again. I was lucky. The person that made my life special was with me all along. I called him Dad. And now dad, this is in honor of you... Sadly missed by your son Mike.

Cross Morris Wayne Miles
By Paula Miles, Meridian, MS
Wayne, The worst day with you was the best I ever had. You were my buddy, my pal, my lover, my friend, my heart, my soul. I loved you, I adored you, I enjoyed you, I admired you. You were my everything and I will miss you terribly for the rest of my life. I cannot say goodbye, but until we meet again, I love you baby.

FlowersWilliam Millar
By Brigitte, FL USA
My search continues, like:
Old souls seek out ancient places
looking for familiar faces
traces of what was but is no more,
your name is like an angel's name
did we know each other once before?

Your body and mind have since long gone.
But your words and spirit continue to live on.
I look and search to trace your life here on earth,
We belong together forever but not from death to birth.

FlowersFlorence Guidry Miller
By Tammy Miller LeBlanc, Lake Charles, LA USA
Mawmaw I wish I would have been able to see you while you were okay enough to understand. I have many things I wanted to tell you. I hope I helped when I walked you to the light. I know you didn't want to let go, but you had too. Remember always, I LOVE YOU MAWMAW!!!

FlowersGeorge Miller
By Shannon Martin, Cameron, NC USA
I lost my Dad July 5, 2000 to cancer.He was my best friend. He left 3 beautiful grandsons and never got to meet another. I miss him everyday and I know that he is looking down on us and smiling cause that's just the kind of Dad he was. He always saw the good in a terrible situation. It was painful to see him leave but even more painful to see him suffering. As I see my older brother, Tim, ride away on my Dads other baby(his Harley)I see my Dad quietly watching, and wishing he could have one last ride. You did Dad. As I saw your grave for the first time with your headstone that we picked out especially for you, I can't help but to cry. And as my oldest son says to me" Are we going to Pops cemetary? "I tell him "yes, baby, Why?" He simply replies" I miss him mommy and when we go there you cry so much. "My son is far wiser then his years. Farewell today, travel on now be on your way, Go safely there, and never worry never care-be on your way.

FlowersJudy Ann Sonnier Miller
By Tammy Miller LeBlanc, Lake Charles, LA USA
Mom. I just can't seem to let go even though I know deep down in my heart you are in a much better place and life than you had hear. I think I can't let go because there were so many things that I would have liked to have told you while you were still awake. I wish you would let me tell you, so that you could be at peace. One thing is certain, I LOVE YOU MOMMA!!!

CrossMary Elizabeth Miller
By Ericka Miller, Louisville, KY
Mom, it has been nearly (5) years since your born into the Lord's arms again. How lucky you were to be born into the arms of the Lord twice in a life time. I miss you so much. I know that you are out there, protecting all (5) of your children and all the plentiful grandchilredn that you have. I praise the Lord everyday for the time that I was allowed to have you with me. I love and miss you Mom. One of your many angels and followers, ERICKA

Cross Chad Mills
By Charles Mills, Little Rock, AK
my son, you are alwys in our hearts, mind, and by our side. i will teach your son, nick to know love and honor your name. if you can help us to see the glory you now hold. love your father charles mills

Cross Shirley Mills
By Darlene, Baltimore, MD
Shirley Mills, my mother whom I love more then anything. Mom I miss you everyday that you have been gone, I wish that you were still with me. I know that you are in a better place, but that doesn't make things any easier for me. I love you very much and really do miss your smile and sense of humor. love your daughter, Darlene

CrossTracy Jane Windland Mills
By Mary Ann Dell, Ray City, GA USA
Tracy Came Into Our Lives At The Age Of 16 Years Old. She dated Our Son until 19 and they married In Fla. Moved to Alanta, Ga. Tracy gave us two beautiful Grandchildren Jessica and Chrisstopher. On Tracy's 29 birthday in Athens, Ga Drs told her she had cancer and she needed a bone marrow transplant. Emeory found her match but not until we raised 5000 to get her on the list. A little church in Jersiy, Ga. stayed by our side. Tracy was the most wonderful Daughter-In-Law I could ever have. We lost her Sept. 3 1995 We love and miss you. She was only 29 years. On her last hours on she was talking with the angles. Rest In Peace Sweetheart ''''''''''''''' We love and miss you ''''''''' Your Mother-in-Law Mary Ann Dell, Lee Mills Husband, Your Childern, Christopher Lee, Jessica Lynn, Your Sister-in-Law Samantha Dell Amanda Mills, Jackie Mills

FlowersRay Lamont Milner
By Rhonda, Los Angeles, CA USA
Our kind of love only comes around once in a lifetime. I can't imagine a day, let alone a lifetime without you because we were so close, but because we were so close I know that we will be together again. Until that time, please know that you are always in my mind, my heart, and my soul. Rest in peace sweetheart - I love you now and will love you throughout all eternity.

CrossDaniel P. Miner
By Sally and Bernie Miner, Massillon, OH, USA
Dan, it is amazing how much you accomplished and how many people you touched in your 18 years. We are so very proud of you and miss you very much. We love you. Mom and Dad

CrossDonald Robert Mitchell, Jr.
By Ruth Mitchell, Mesquite, TX USA
My son, who gave me so much happiness. He loved Jesus and playing his guitar with the young groups band at church. There's one thing I'll always remember, he would give me one dozen yellow roses on Mother's Day.

CrossBilly Jake Mobley
By Debbie Patrick, Yorktown, Texas
Daddy, I cannot believe it will be one year June 24, 2001. We lived with you in that hospital for 40 days and nights watching you suffer and then die with Colon Cancer. We laughed with you, and cried with you. Memories of that time spent there with you are some of the worst, and the best of my life. Knowing that we were going to lose you, and there was nothing we could do to change it. Seeing the pain in your eyes. Even though we did not get to see you often as we grew up, at that moment you knew that none of that mattered because we always loved you. Last Father's Day we were in the hospital with you. This Father's Day will be our first without you. We love and miss you very much, you are in Heaven, and we will see you again.

Love your daughters
Debbie Patrick, and Diana Watson

CrossNorman Wayne Mocabee
By Phoebe Mocabee
On October 5th, 2000, Klamath Falls lost a great citizen. my brother. Norm served as a reserve on the police force and was given a police/military funeral. He passed away only three short weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, thought to be due to his exposure of Agent Orange during his service in the Navy during the Viet Nam War. He left behind his daughters, brother, sister, friends and wife. But more than this, he left behind a community that was better by his being there. He loved Klamath Falls and was so committwd to making it a better place for everyone, most of all the children. Although this is in memory of a brother I loved more thn words could ever express, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Klamath Falls Police Department, not only for the wonderful tribute they paid to Norm, but also for their compassion and support to a little sister who was so lost and alone during her brother's final days. Citizens of Klamath, be proud of the men and women who serve you, respect and honor them, they are truely great people.

CrossLloyd E. 'MOE' Moebius
By Nathan Morrish, Otisville, MI, USA
In memory of Grandpa Moe. Please know that you are sadly missed, and forever remembered. We all love you so much and hope you had a safe journey! November 24, 1914- November 20, 1997

Flowers Hailey Maddison Molloy
By Cara Molloy, Orlando, Florida
Please remember my sweet angel, Hailey Maddison Molloy who was lost at 23 weeks of pregnancy. She will always be loved and live on in our hearts forever...

My butterfly,
Soar High,
On angel wings to heaven you fly.
Forever my child,
Watching from above,
Forever an angel,
Embraced in God's love.
In the whisper of the wind,
In the rustle of the leaves,
I know you are with me,
Your soul forever free...

CrossMyrtle E. Molohon
By James Molohon, Kennesaw, GA USA
In memory of my beloved wife of over fifty five years. I will always miss you the rest of my days upon this earth. You were truly a wife and a help mate and fulfilled all the requirements of such as outlined in the scriptures. You were such an agreeable, gentle and kind person, not only to me but, to all that ever came into contact with you... Oh, how I wished I had told you how much I loved you more often. God has His reasons for taking one home before the other. I know you are with the Lord waiting for Him to call me home, oh, what a wonderful day that will be, to be with Jesus and reunited with you again, I love and miss you so much... Always your Husband

CrossVincenzo Monardo
By Richard Eboli, Pittsburgh, PA USA
I was blessed to have this wonderful man as my Grand father. He came here from Italy just in time to go back to europe to fight in WWI. He was the most patriotic man I have ever known. He loved America with a fire in his very soul. I can remember as a little boy seeing him come to attention when the flag was raised or lowered. He tried to enlist for the second war too. He taught me ,as well as his other grand sons to love this country. He was the kindest most gentil man I have been blessed to know in my lifetime. His legacy of love of country has been passed to a third generation. And I know it will continue. We lost him in 1963, but he lives in all of us.

FlowersDeputy John Paul Monego #410
By Sara Biesecker, Dublin, CA USA
I have lost someone very dear to me and that was my uncle John Monego. He was investagating a 911 emergency call and got shot exection style entering the resturant. He was shot six times and died on December 11, 1998. One year it is going to be, and Uncle John I wanted you to know that you are my Angel, you are my hero and that I will always love you!!!
Love always and forever, Sara

CrossMaryellen and Clyde Monn
By Karen Johnson
To the best two parents a person can have. Even though things were rough with 12 children you 2 managed to stay together and I know you are in heaven together forever take care of my son and your grandson till I get there and let him know everyday that he is missed and loved.

FlowersCharles Monroe
By Rose Monroe, Cols., OH USA
Everybody loved him.

CrossJustin Allen Monroe
By Carol Jones, Cedar Falls, IA USA
Justin was a very fun loving kid. Hr like to make poeple happy and he loved sports and hockey was his favorite. Justin played in the Waterloo Jr. Hawks and did a lot of traveling and just loved it he some day wanted to go pro. The world is just not the same with Justin not here. We miss him very much. Thank you Carol Jones I am his grandmother

FlowersBridget Montaque (grandmother)
By Kathleen Ackerly, NJ
Nanny God took you from us on December 24, 1994 and life was never the same. We all miss you very much, your smile and most of all your sympathetic ear. You never judged you always listened. We think of you everyday nite. You are close by in our hearts now and forever until we meet again. But you are with God what a gift that is!!! Mom, Dad, John, James, Bernie, Kathleen, John, CeeCee.

CrossLawrence Montague
By Lawrence C. Montague Jr., Monroe, MI, USA
Dad, Miss you very much.

Cross Catherine Moody
By Sal Catrini, Hermon, Maine
Catherine a Christian, teacher, and loving mother went to see the lord on May 5, 2010, she will be missed by many.

CrossMatthew James Moorby 1993-1996
By Fresno Community, Fresno, CA USA
Matthew Moorby captured the hearts of Fresnans when he was kidnapped and murdered on February 6, 1996. He left behind a brother and another brother on the way. He will always be remembered as "Fresno's every child" the name Fresno gave to him at his funeral. He loved Barney, Mickey Mouse, the movie "the Wizard of Oz" or "Wiz Oz" is how he would ask for it. He was beautiful little boy that managed to touch more lives then some touch in a lifetime. He is remembered.

"I believe that bad things can happen to the good those horrible things do happen although they never should, I believe that children are often taken in vain but are carried to a better place absent tears and pain.
To little Matthew."
A poem left anonymously for Matthew on his mausoleum.
Matthew James Moorby
August 19, 1993-February 8, 1996

Cross Dallas Eugene Moore and Dallas Jacob Moore
By Donna, Touchet, WA
Dallas Jacob "Jake" Moore committed suicide on August 29, 2007. His father Dallas Eugene Moore committed suicide on September 27, 2007. Dallas had raised Jacob himself, he was mom and dad to Jacob and Jacob was his life, part of his soul. Jacob was only 18 at the time of his death and was a talented, intelligent and caring young man - he was impressive in every way and touched many lives - so very much like his father. The only reason his father lived past the discovery of Jacob's suicide was knowing he still had to take care of him. He tried to work through the pain of Jacob's death but wanted to be with Jacob and wanted to make sure Jacob was safe. May they both rest in peace, I know they have found each other and are in the hands of God. They will both be remembered forever by every life they touched.

CrossLynda and Kenneth Moore
By Annamarie, Staten Island, NY USA
Mom and Dad I miss you so much everyday. I know that you are in God's hands now. May you both always rest in peace. God bless you always love forever your daughters Sherrie Lynn and Annamarie

CrossEric Morales Died may 8, 1992
By Edwin Torres, New York, NY USA
Greener Pasture

The Lord is my shepherd, kind, and gentle and true
My shepherd watch's over me and takes care of me too.
To greener pastures, happily I go.
Yes, I love my shepherd with all my heart and soul.

By: Joseph Allen Provencia

Eric was a kind and loving man who gave so much to others in his short life. Having him as a son, nephew, lover or friend, you were blessed. Before his death he gave me a bell and said ring this three times and an angel will get his wings. Fly my Angel unto the heavens above.

Cross Robert Moreno
By Rita Moreno, Austin Texas
In memory of my brother who left us September 14th 2007. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and I feel so much anger that you are no longer with us. Every where I go I think of you, everything I do reminds me of you, everything is this house reminds me of yells for you at night, your kids and wife miss you so much and your cat stands and cries at the door waiting for you to come home. People say that you are in a better place, but that doesn't make me feel better. I know I never told you but I love you and I miss you so, give fatman, Sasha, and kozzy a hug for me, hopefully we will be together again.

your little sister

Cross Michael Morris 09/07/79-04/02/98
By Janice Morris, Tappahannock, Virginia
My son Michael left home on April 2, 98 to go to work I he was killed in an auto accident, I responed to the call on the rescue squad. My son Michael I remember our last words as always when you left that morning going out the door, I love you mom, and my last words I love you Mike. If tears could build a stairway, I would be right there beside you. We all miss and love you my son your brother is doing fine, and your dad is doing fine. I just wish I could have done something that morning son to have saved you but I kept being pulled back, I know you heard me screaming son and I know your in Heaven with Jesus. We love you. We will be together again.

CrossAlexander James Morrish
By Nathan and Verna Morrish, Otisville, MI, USA
Alexander was still born on April 11, 1995. He left behind his father, mother, and two brothers. He is sadly missed and never forgotten.

CrossJames Douglas Morrison
By Dan Tabor, Richmond, VA USA
In beloved memory of James Douglas Morrison whose poetry and music served as inspiration and encouragement throughout my lifetime. "Lets swim to the moon. Lets climb through the tide. Penetrate the evening as the city sleeps tonight..."

CrossJoshua Morrison
By Stephanie Jones, Taylor, TX USA
There will never be anyone that will ever replace you. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you the most... I'm sorry I wasn't there to stop Brandon. I love you Josh. You're greatfully missed. You made my life better... for that i'm forever greatful. Thank you... for being you... and Thank you.. for loving me. I will always remember you!

"When the one you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."

CrossMildred Morrison
By Tina Johnson, Danville, IL USA
Dear Grandma I miss you so much. I think about you everyday. I know that heaven must be a brighter place with you there.You were my angel while you were here. Now heaven has you. Surley you are the most beautiful one there. I love you sweetie.

CrossMary L. Morse
By Jenn, Woonsocket, RI USA
Grandma I love you and always will love you there is not a day that goes by that I dont think about you cause you left so fast I never got a chance to say good-bye and actually let you know how much I love you and I cannot wait till i see you again in heavan one day until then I want to say that I love you love your grandaughter Jenn

Cross Dianne Sheila Mosely-Wilson
By Anthony W. Wilson Sr., Paterson, New Jersey
You are deeply missed but never forgotten. Love your 3 children: Tyrone, Lusta, Anthony and 4 Grandchildren: Isiaha, Akeem, Zamir, Anthony Jr., and 5 great grandchildren: Shamar, Ne'viya, Karon, Nasir and Khouri. We will always love you

CrossGertrude Jane Mott
By Gertrude M. Darby, Ponchatoula, LA USA
Mom: I miss you everyday and look forward to when we will be together again.You were my whole world and I pray every night that you are enjoying your time with our Lord and I too will see you both one day.

Cross Joey Mott
By Michelle Mott, Erath, LA
Joey we miss you so.. you broke the family chain and we will never be the same... until the chain is linked again we LOVE you!!

Cross Elizabeth K. Moyer
By Dani Moyon, Redding, Connetcuit
Liz, you were a true freind. The only one who ever understood me, you were always there. Stopped me many times from hanging myself, how I wish you were here now. I try to remember what you told me, but the memories seem to fade. I may be with you sooner than you expect. But I pray not. There will never be anyone to replace you. R.I.P.

Liz was hit by a car on November 2nd, 2007. She died in the emergency room, with me by her side.

CrossClement & Corinne Mulroy
By D. Mulroy, Mpls, MN USA
Everything a parent should be they were and still are. Oh how they would be intriqued by the Internet and other inventions of our times. They now lie together as close as they were in life. Yup, you two are missed but the joy of knowing you are together makes it easier. Miss you two.

Cross Cpl. James Murphy April 15 1973 - September 11 2003
By Deputy D. R. Ireland, Mocksville, North Carolina
Cpl. James Murphy, died three years ago today, September 11th 2003. James died as a result of a motorcycle accident. Cpl. Murphy was an outstanding law enforcement officer and a great friend. Some dont understand that the law enforcement family is quite often closer to each other than blood relatives. He was like a brother to me. You are still missed.. Until we meet again.

CrossLousie Murli
By Jessica Rothstein, Staten Island, New York
GRANDMA AUNT LOUSIE, we were never really that close like Jayson or Jeff but we got to see you on every special holiday, and maybe extra times. We will always miss you, you were at our house when you died & I'm sure you would have wanted it that way. I am so sorry that I went to bed, I mean, right after I feel asleep at 12 o'clock you died. If I would of stayed up just 12 minutes more, I could have seen your last breath. I love you & no one will ever forget you! I trust that God has taken you under good care, and I know that you will always watch over me! I never got to say goodbye... so here it is GOODBYE I LOVE YOU!!!

CrossKevin T. Murphy
By Art O'Hare, Bethlehem, PA USA
Wear that Rolling Stones T Shirt with Pride Bro...

Cross Theresa Murphy
By Michael R. Murphy, Alameda, Ca (Buffalo, NY)
Born in Buffalo, NY-February 20, 1930 - December 3, 2002, (passed away in Alameda, Ca, where she has lived the past 7 years) Mother of Donna, Michael & the late Cindee, She loved her children, times were tough in the late 50's & early 60's. But we kids always ate & were clothed. She was a strong woman and fiercely independent, right up to her going home to be with Our Lord. I just want to thank you Mom for your love, and for teaching us about God. I know you are in heaven with Jesus, and dad & Cindee, and so many more. You are missed, Donna & I are getting along, but we miss you so. We took you ashes back to Buffalo and spread them around Cindee & Bob's grave (in the cold Buffalo winter snow) I have a picture of you & I, one of Dad & one of Cindee right here in front of me at the PC. So I can see you as I remember all the great times we shared, and there were bad times but we all made it through them all because of you. I Love you Mom, Your Son, Michael Roy

Flower VaseHershal And Sara Myers
By Annamarie, Staten Island, NY USA
Grandma and Grandpa you have made such a difference in my life. I'll never forget you. Please watch over your great grandaughter Nicole Marie. I'll love you always. Annamarie

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