Salute to all our site visitors as we open the doors of

To give you an overview and a brief background, Behind the Badge is a small organization that is all about helping people who are going through difficult times, personal problems and relationship issues.

How Started

Allow me to introduce myself as “Sergeant Barry”. I served at the Miami-Dade Police Department and started out as a Police Officer.

An unfortunate event during an operation opened my eyes about the idea of exploring a different career and life path. And as fate would have it, I gave my final salute to public service and started living as an ordinary civilian.

I worked my way towards becoming a Miami Public Adjuster and eventually opened up my first chat line. My goal was to provide free consultation regarding insurance policies and claims.

Later on, my passion for helping people became even stronger. With the help of a friend, we were able to establish our very own relationship chat line and helpline.

The main goal of our chat line service is to help people who need friendly advice and enlightenment about their personal problems.

In general, we provide counselling for those who are having issues with their families, career and relationships.

The main objective of our chat line is to help people who are in need of some friendly advice and enlightenment. Our helpline is designed for people who are going through difficult times in their life, family and relationship.

Meet Our Team

Allow me to introduce to you your friends from

Dr. Susan Galvez

Dr. Susan is a psychologist and marriage counselor with over 12 years of practice. She’s my reliable partner and the brain behind our relationship chat line. She’s currently in a happy relationship and is working in an industry that she’s very passionate about.

Joy Lynne

Joy is our ever-reliable assistant and secretary. She’s a university student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences. Her positive, pro-active and high-spirited nature makes her perfect for our team.

She handles some of the calls and had helped a lot of young girls who are dealing with heartbreaks and feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Joy is also a blogger who explores topics that concern the millennial generation.

Sgt. Barry

I’m Sgt. Barry and the main founder of One thing I realized when I humbly chose to step out of service is that you don’t need to be in a uniform to help other people or to save them.

Regardless of who you are and what you do, you can make a difference in other people’s life in your own way.

So I’m revealing to you now the man behind the badge – an ordinary person who can be your friend, personal adviser and brother.