There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. In fact, the most beautiful relationships are the ones that have gone through the test of time or the ones that went through a string of trials and difficulties.

Relationship problems are inevitable. No matter how much love a couple have for each other and how much understanding they’re willing to give, problems are always bound to happen.

This is normal. Otherwise, a relationship cannot be considered as a real one.

To maintain a relationship, you must have actual interaction with your partner. You must be willing to deal with your differences and opposing views. And you must be entitled to your own opinions as well.

All these could result to conflict but it’s important to learn how to handle your issues.

However, it’s not the problems that define a relationship but rather how the couple manages and handles them.

Here are some of the most common relationship problems that test the resilience and strength of partnership between couples;

It is normal for every relationship to go through difficult times and rough patches.

Unresolved arguments that accumulate over time

As much as 50% of the calls we receive account for unresolved petty arguments between couples.

What makes them turn from bad to worse is when the grudge brought about by these arguments remains bottled up for a long time until they start to pile up thereby increasing the pressure. So what may seem like a tiny issue at first explodes into something bigger.

We believe that every person has a breaking point. At first, we try to understand our partner the best way we can by being patient and giving.

Over the course of time, we come to a realization that everything is already too much to bear; and as humans, we can only take so much. We get tired of the process and before we even know it, we’re getting close to our breaking point.

Outgrowing your partner or simply growing apart is one of the most common relationship problems that’s hard to manage.

Outgrowing each other

One of the saddest reasons why some couples call it quits is when they start to feel that they’re growing apart from their partner. For some, the reason is because they feel that they have fully outgrown their partner.

There are some individuals who can actually admit to having a change of heart after living with their partner or after getting to know them better.

Others confess about being disappointed with their partners’ attitude and outlook in life. And they come into the realization that something is missing in their relationship that they need to step back.

Financial issues

A lot of couples fight over the other’s spending habits, budgeting approach or over their financial situation.

For some, their priorities are simply different from each other that they end up arguing where to put their money.

What’s even more devastating about this problem is that majority of the couples who fight over money end up getting separated or filing for divorce.

It seems that money is one of the major culprits behind a shattered marriage and ruined partnership. And as the cliché goes, “a person who cannot be trusted with money cannot be trusted with your life”.

Infidelity and Third-Party Involvement

Dealing with infidelity and an unfaithful partner can easily shatter a marriage and long-term relationship.

I can attest that this problem is the most challenging to address because it’s very difficult to find comforting words that can help ease the pain brought about by betrayal.

We could all agree that what’s done is done and it’s impossible to put things back to how they used to be once they’ve been broken into pieces.

Sadly, majority of the couples that go through infidelity issues end up parting ways and get into separation.