People who are going through difficult situations are the most sensitive and vulnerable. However, they can benefit from talking to someone to vent out their feelings.

This is one of the reasons behind the very first chat line I launched which was mainly in line with my job as a public adjuster.

I want people to be able to voice out their concerns regarding their insurance claims so I can offer them professional advice and suitable solutions.

Dealing with a lot of people made me realize the relevance of having a chat line or helpline that aims to help those with personal problems and relationship issues.

My initial objective was simply to listen to people’s concerns and to share my opinions or offer helpful relationship advice.

Opening my own consultation chat line has paved the way for bigger and better opportunities for me to help people who have various problems.

Later on, it became a passion. And with the help of a friend who’s a psychologist and relationship counsellor, my plans materialized; and together, we were able to launch our relationship chat lines and helpline.

Why are chat lines important? What makes them relevant among people who are going through difficult times? Allow me to give you a rundown of the most important benefits of relationship counselling;

Makes people feel less alone

When we have someone that we can talk to anytime, we feel calmer and we get the reassurance that we need. Talking to others makes us feel less alone and it offers us the security blanket that we need until we’re ready to face the problem.

It provides comfort

Whether it means venting out all our anger and frustrations or crying our hearts out, talking to someone is very comforting. It allows us to release all our emotions that are bottled up inside so we’ll feel lighter.

Sometimes, it’s more comforting to talk to someone that you don’t know personally. It makes you less prone to judgments and other perceptions.


Counselling is considered as a form of psychosocial therapy that aims to help people overcome their loneliness, depression and anxiety.

Talking to someone can help people with personal problems see more clearly in order to come into terms with themselves and to find better solutions to their issues.

Calling the chat lines is therapeutic among people who are lonely, depressed and anxious. Chat lines also offer helpful advice that can help save relationships.

Can help save relationships

People who go for counselling are usually enlightened about their personal issues. They come into a realization that they might be overreacting or just over-thinking some matters.

For some, talking to someone makes them see things differently and they eventually realize that they were stressing over problems that weren’t even there in the first place.

As a result, they are able to come into terms with their partner and relationship.

Offers positive advice

You may or may not benefit from what other people have to say about your problem. Still, it helps to hear other people’s point of view and opinion about certain matters that you’re unsure of.

Counselling offers professional advice that can be beneficial to your relationship concerns. There are no biases and no judgments.

You can be sure that what we’re offering is sincere advice because we’re always hoping for the best for our callers. And we feel that it is our responsibility to extend a helping hand to those who are in need.