As a person who’s managing and receiving calls from relationship chat lines and helpline, I feel that I should make myself fully aware about the secrets behind happy and healthy relationships.

In this way, I can offer the best advice to our callers; and at the same time, I can also have a basis behind my own opinions. Over time, I have gained an appreciation for the benefits of counselling among couples.

So what are the real secrets behind successful relationships? Here are some of the factors I strongly believe in;

Quality time with each other

Amongst all factors that determine happy and healthy relationships, time is the most important.

This refers to quality time together wherein you can communicate about your thoughts, feelings and mutual differences and a perfect chance to talk about your dreams, goals and plans for the future.

Having time for each other establishes a stronger sense of understanding between you and your partner. It accounts for security and strong bond.

It’s not enough to just be together and to see each other often. What is more important is to have actual interaction with each other that would allow both of you to enjoy each other’s company.

It is important for couples to grow and mature together in order to achieve a happy and healthy relationship.

Mutual growth

Partners should grow, mature and aspire together. This is a crucial aspect because it keeps things interesting between partners and allows both to live an exciting life in and outside of the relationship.

To achieve this, couples must learn to encourage and motivate each other in order to pursue their individual passion.

Being in a relationship should not be a hindrance towards achieving your full potential. Instead, it should serve as an inspiration to become a better person and to become successful in your own way.

Respect for boundaries

Acknowledge the fact that you and your partner are two different people with unique personalities. Therefore, give each other enough personal space and time. This is essential to maintain your individuality and to practice self love.

For instance, allow your partner to spend time with family and friends, give them time to take care of themselves and leave enough space for personal hobbies and interests.

Make use of your time and space as well to manage the different aspects of your life. In this way, you and your partner can achieve a balanced and well-managed life which contributes to a healthy relationship.

Trust is important in every relationship. It defies explanation because it is not something that can just be given but rather it develops over time.


This is perhaps the most challenging aspect of a relationship. Basically, trust is not something that you and your partner can just give to each other. It is earned over time.

Trust is something that gradually develops in a relationship. It takes time to earn it but it only takes one mistake to tear it down completely. However, once it has been established and maintained, it’s practically enough to keep a relationship from failing.

Trust is also something that’s sensitive and complicated. It defies explanation. And sadly, it is an area wherein most couples fail and make mistakes.


Intimacy doesn’t necessarily refer to sex and constant physical contact. It could be anything that contributes to a mutual sense of security in your relationship. Or, it could be something that you and your partner do to give each other assurance as a sign of affection.

Intimacy can be achieved by appreciating your partner, or by kissing and hugging at the end of the day, or even by watching television while cuddled up next to each other.

Other forms of intimacy include holding hands while walking, sitting next to each other during social events and looking at each other with so much love and admiration.